The geographical assorted qualities in India have favored this country with enticing campgrounds that are viewed as the most sought after among neighborhood and furthermore for most of the voyagers. Going for an outing in India can be a totally surprising undertaking for the adventurers. Mountains, deserts, valleys and some mind blowing offbeat places in India offer a broad assortment of the camping sites for enthusiastic campers. So if you too are interested in living in the tents, in the midst of the delectable naturescapes of the mountains and waterways, then, this is it!

Outdoors, under the stars has an altogether different feel, which even the most luxurious resorts can’t give. Better if you have the company of your partner, your besties, or arbitrary outsiders who have the same tastes as you. So read through this area and pick your next outdoors destination.

jaisalmer tour


Jaisalmer has a heap of luxurious and budget campgrounds which offer an amalgamation of some of the most mystical entertainment options with camel rides, cultural shows by locals, etc. So if  you are one of those who wish to stargaze lying on the infinite expanse of the gleaming sands of the desert, then the winter months are the best time you should consider going to Jaisalmer. There is a New Delhi to Jaisalmer flights that are easily available from the capital city, or you can even take a road trip to Jaisalmer, which is undoubtedly all the more a merrier experience.

rishikesh tour


In the foothills of the Himalayas, Rishikesh pulls in rafting fans from everywhere throughout the country who love to hit the rapids of the Ganga and camp on the riverside, under the endless blue of the skies. Since the last couple of years, there are heaps of tourists from who come here from near and far just for the experience of living by the banks of the winding, heavenly stream. Rishikesh genuinely has a lot of campgrounds which are overflowing with campers consistently, particularly in the late spring months and offer camps in each pocket size.

dharamshala Kareri Lake Camp

Kareri Lake Camp, Dharamshala

Kareri Lake, in Himachal Pradesh, is a freshwater lake about 9 km from Dharamshala. This lake is not associated by roads and one needs to trek their way to this lake. A beautiful campground is situated close to the Kareri Lake. Collection of thick conifers and various sorts of enduring sprouts give a visual treat to the eyes. After all, it’s in Dharamshala, and undoubtedly would provide for a luscious, breathtaking experience.

ladakh tour

Ladakh has colossal tracts of sky, rich perspectives of the Himalayas and an out of the world feel to it. The best places to camp at in Ladakh are the West Ladakh Camp, Mystic Sangla Valley, or at the Tsomoriri Lake. Whichever one you pick, prepare yourself to witness shocking dusks, crowds of transitory and seldom seen winged creatures and astonishing sceneries around you. This remote zone sees explorers coming in from all parts of the world, and offers an extent of recreational and adventure exercises, for instance, rock climbing or apricot picking.