Situated at an altitude of 625 meters above the sea level, Khandala is an ultimate destination that makes you fall in love with it. If you are visiting the hill stations of Khandala, you will find several things that are irresistible at the very first sight. Khandala is a popular hill station of Maharashtra that is situated at a distance of 101 km away from the Mumbai city. It is visited by most of the tourists who come to visit Mumbai. Endowed with the abundance of natural beauty, Khandala is an ideal holiday spot to get a relief from the daily stress and achieve mental relaxation. There are several things about this wonderful destination that makes you fall in love with it.

Pleasant Climate: Positioned high on hills and close to the sea, Khandala offers the tourists pleasant weather all through the year. Being located in the heaven of serenity, the place is a home to calm the atmosphere. It enjoys warm summers with maximum 32 degrees C temperature and cooling winters with minimum 12 degrees C temperature. Monsoons witness heavy rainfall. Each season in Khandala gives the visitors a wonderful experience.What Makes You Fall in Love with Khandala1

Nature’s Beauty: Khandala is enriched with places of natural beauty. It features several tourist attractions that will allure with their charm. While your nature’s trip to Khandala, you can visit Dukes’ Nose, which is the name of a cliff that is said to be resembled with the nose of Duke Wellington. It is an elevation point to enjoy the picturesque views around. Tiger’s Leap is another fascinating point among the tourist attractions of the city. Situated at an altitude of 625 meters, the vantage point lets you enjoy the panoramic views of the valley situated below. It is named as ‘Tiger’s Leap’ because as you stare down it, it appears as if a tiger is jumping into the valley. For the safety of the visitors, big holes have been created so that they can look down from the great height.

Khandala Lake and Bhushi Lake are also worth visiting nature’s attractions of Khandala. The charming and calming environment of these lakes can take your hearts away. Amruntanjan Point is a spectacular spot, which is situated at the beginning of the Khandala Ghat. From here, one can enjoy the charming views of the Duke’s Nose.

What Makes You Fall in Love with Khandala2History & Religion: Khandala is mainly known for the delights of nature. It also has something that shows its connection with history and religion.

Rajmachi Fort is a beautiful fort and a famous tourist attraction of this region. It features two forts built in the 17th Century by ruler Shivaji. Overlooking the Borghat Valley, it can be reached while enjoying a trekking from Lonavala.

Karla and Bhaja Caves date back to the 2ND Century BC and being visited by a number of tourists. These caves belong to the Hinayana segment of Buddhism and are wonderful examples of rock cut architecture of that era.

Shingroba Temple is also one of the religious attractions of Khandala.

Knowing more about Khandala can bring you closer to this wonderful place. To take a holiday package of this wonderful place, visit and enjoy the best deals on India tours.

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