Everyone in the world wishes to grow successful and prosper in his or her life. Many times, in order to do so, one has to go to another city, state, or even country because of better prospects there. People from villages choose to shift to cities because of better job opportunities and better facilities. Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai have become a major attraction for jobs and education. Education is getting super importance, as quality is what is being demanded today. People would not mind spending high if they get high quality education. Delhi is a city, which is a metro city and fulfills all the needs of living a happy and successful lifestyle. It has great education, great job opportunities, good road and lifestyles, efficient transport system and every other thing, which one can think of. There is no doubt, as to why many people migrate from their small cities or villages to this city. The real estate sector has also seen a major rise because of this reason and is growing since then. Here are some things, which one needs to keep in mind while living in a pg:-pg in delhi

  1. Disturbance: – one should always ensure that the family with which he or she is living is not getting disturbed by what he or she is doing. No doubt, you have paid for the facility, but one should also remember that it is someone’s house and no one would like getting disturbed. Therefore, one should do things by which the family does not get disturbed. One should also try to help the family as and when they can. Live peacefully and have fun at the pg in Delhi with the family!
  2. Timely payment: – one should always pay the rent timely and avoid any inconvenience to the family in the financial matters. People plan and aim to spend the life with the earnings they get regularly and any inconvenience in that would lead to the plan getting shattered or spoilt. Pg in south Delhi is famous for reasonable rates and good facilities. If one is lucky enough to get in there, one should not let it go because of untimely payments. If there are some financial troubles going on for some time, one can inform the family. They would be supportive if one is regular and the reason is genuine.
  3. Avoid interference: – one should avoid interfering in the lives of the host family. One may think that they can help the family and solve some of their problems but they might not like it and may feel offended or hurt by it. Therefore, one should not interfere in their life. Of course, if the family asks for one’s opinion, feel free to be honest and open. Pg in Delhi is quite open and good for that.
  4. Be open to adjustments/ compromises: – one might have to adjust or compromise certain things while staying at a pg in south Delhi. Sometimes, the host family might not be able to provide all the facilities, which they would have been providing regularly due to some reason. Therefore, they might tell to adjust or compromise for some time. One should be helpful and supportive as they might be facing a hard time or have some trouble!

Thus, the above are the things to keep in mind while living in a pg in Delhi! Therefore, be open, optimistic and embrace the changes for a happy and peaceful life!