With a surprising collection of diverse alternatives for amusement, Munnar sees an extensive variety of voyagers searching for a perfect escapade, youths needing some restoration, honeymoon couples, bikers and solo explorers. It is known worldwide for its rich tea estates and is truly a paradise for any tea lover. Furthermore, the locally made chocolates, cherished by both youths and adults, are a hit amongst visitors here.

The Munnar tour packages are those little godsent parcels, brimming with euphoria. They may look petite, but have a world of happiness inside them. So after you have secured every single indispensable part of your Munnar trek, it’s the ideal opportunity for some shopping. All things considered, you have to take back trinkets, and from Munnar, you unquestionably can’t bear to go with next to nothing in your bags, isn’t that so? So remember to purchase one or all of these mentioned treats of Munnar on your way back home.

hand made chocolate

Handmade Chocolates

Here comes the yummiest thing to buy. Chocolates! Chocolates are something which you can have at whatever time, wherever and in any sum, and each time you have them, the experience is simply delightful. Munnar is celebrated for creating the finest hand made chocolates with a plenty of diverse assortments, for example, black, white, nut-filled, liquor filled, and significantly more. A jar of a kilogram of chocolates cost around INR 200 to INR 400. So get yours positively!

spices of munnar


Munnar, India’s spice chest, gives you a chance to walk around the luxurious zest bequests and take home the finest spices, straight fresh from the produce. The twelve collections of flavors including garlic, ginger, cardamom, pepper, vanilla, cinnamon, tea, clove, coffee and nutmeg are grown in Munnar and its neighboring towns. So if you are going by Munnar, then you should bag these fresh spices from here to not just get the freshness and fragrance at whatever point you use them, but additionally with the goal that you recall your joyful outing to Munnar at whatever point you are cooking something.

munnar tea


Tea is the best gift that you can buy from Munnar, especially if you have ardent tea lovers at home. This world acclaimed drink has been produced in Munnar since the colonial era, and actually was introduced here by them. Undoubtedly, you can get tea from any corner in India, but come on, the tea that you will find in Munnar is incomparable. Munnar boasts of one of the world’s best tea bequests which convey fine arrangements of tea, including the Black tea, Green tea and Oolong tea.

The believability of these things will dependably help you to remember your visit to Munnar and each time you will thank the ranchers and people working on the estates in Munnar for bringing providing these lovely treats to the general public. These knickknacks make for astonishing presents for friends and family back home. Have an awesome outing!