India has been a favorite destination for adventure tourists, backpackers, irregular travelers as well as those seeking enlightenment. The country being a potpourri of diverse cultures, geography, religions, rituals and customs and history, copiously connected with a good transport system. The cheap travel fares act as an added incentive for travelers to throng here for a unique traveling experience that can be treasured for long. Today, within the scope of this post we will exclusively discuss the way you should pack for the country before boarding the flight. No matter, how trivial it sounds at the onset, packing remains one of the crucial factors determining your traveling experience., especially for a place like India, known for its over packed lanes and congested neighborhoods. It will be pretty difficult for you to conduct those within-the-city tours navigating through those heavily packed alleys with too much to carry. You can neither leave your valuables back at the hotel rooms ruling out the chances of theft completely.

Traveling light has other advantages as well. Frequent travelers are quite wary of the exorbitant baggage fees charged by the airline authorities. The lighter you travel, the lower you’ll end up paying. In fact, it’s best to travel solely with a carry-on. However if you really want to save up substantially on your luggage fees then you can get in touch with luggage courier companies like Send My Bag that will transport your bag to and back from the destination at much lower rates (and safely as well) than what’s charged by the airport authorities. Anyways, you really need not carry things you do not need. Here are a few handy packing tips for women trippers traversing to India:

Aim for the Right Mix of Dresses

Packing for India

Packing for India can be a bit overwhelming—primarily because most of its areas are driven by a conservative outlook. While for places like Goa and Mumbai you can be little relaxed about your kind of dresses (airier tops, shorts, etc), it’s imperative to be duly careful about your clothing when you are traveling to the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, UP etc. So pack your clothes accordingly. Listed below are a few other dresses/shoes that you can pack:

Flip-flops/ dressy sandals or flats (flip-flops are a must of convenient travel)

Maxi dress (since they are both chic and can help you cover up—please avoid cleavage revealing necklines)

Taking a pair of leggings is essential. If you plan to hit the beaches, take a pair of shorts. Be particularly careful while wearing cargos since the extra pockets can well become the subject of pickpockets.

Choose tops that aren’t that revealing but are airy enough to keep you cool.


As already mentioned above, the country is marked by climactic eccentricities. Though there are clear demarcations between the seasons (November to January- mild winter/winter, February to Mid June – Spring/Mid-Summer/Summer, July to mid August- monsoon, September-mid November- End of Monsoons/Autumn), you might as well expect a sudden spell of showers in January as well! So it’s advisable that you carry that umbrella yourself to combat that unexpected short spells of rains.


Beside clothes, carry the usual technical devices such as mobile, camera, iPod, handy cams etc. But if you’re visiting the temples, you might as well not be allowed to carry these inside.

Author Bio: The article was written by Alina Jack, She loves to write as a guest blogger with interest in Travel. Every free moment she is spending to write articles about this beautiful country!