In case you are searching for a perfect tourist destination where to travel this year and start the New Year feeling perfect then the Himalayas is the perfect recommendation we can make. If you are a mountain lover or simply a person who loves to travel far away and reconnect with nature and its wild lands, this is a perfect option to consider for your holiday trip. You can ring in the New Year there with cheerful feelings, white snow and enough laughter to keep you happy all throughout the next year.

A vibrant mosaic of lovely, welcoming people and cultures in the middle of alpine wilderness

If what you want is to greet the New Year in the apex of nature’s grandeur, then the Himalayas is the perfect destination to travel to at the end of this year. You will not only experience the perfect alpine wilderness but also have the opportunity to connect with the most lovely and welcoming locals you have ever met.

They love to greet tourists and share their cultural and historical secrets with those searching for more than a simple life in the wilderness. Get ready to admire the dramatic forests under the gorgeous skyline and be amazed by the snow-capped glaciated peaks in the region. The landscapes there are breathtaking and will easily remind you why life on the road is so beautiful.

Moreover, you cannot ignore the beauty of the high-altitude desert dripping slowly into the rhododendron forests that guard the region and its amazing beauty. More than 40 million people live there and have great customs and traditions to share with the rest of the world.

It might not be the perfect land of civilization there but we have a lot to discover in the area where nature seems to have found the perfect place for balance and breathtaking charm. The vibrant mosaic of welcoming people in traditional communities that share a strong passion for local traditions seems to have found the perfect place in this alpine wilderness that can only be admired by those lucky enough to travel there.

Experience the classic Trans Himalayan scenery in Ladakh

There are numerous gorgeous places to visit in the Himalayas. Every single region has its own beauty and charm and something special to offer to curious travelers living the best part of their life on the road. If you travel there for the holidays, we recommend you to visit Ladakh, a region where you will be able to experience the classic trans Himalayan scenery that amazes thousands of tourists every year.

What should you expect to discover there? Huge colorful valleys as well as harsh rock walls that reveal the powerful energy of nature in the Himalayas. Also, you will get a glimpse of the traditional Tibetan Buddhist culture that seems to have remained perfectly intact in this area. Great local monasteries are the real proof of this fact and help tourists experience the magic of past medieval times whenever they visit this region.

For those travelling in the Himalayas for the holidays, we recommend the masked dance festivals organized in Ladakh as great ways of celebrating Christmas and the New Year apart from enjoying the charm of nature in its perfect lands of preservation. Little changes have been encountered in the case of local traditions in the last 500 years. Therefore, spending the holidays there will be like bringing history back to life and offering yourself the opportunity of acquiring the most valuable lessons of your life.

Great the New Year in Tibet, the root of the world

Another great representative region in the Himalayas is Tibet. What might be a better choice of location for spending the holidays this year than at the root of the world? This location is found behind the gorgeous ramparts of the Great Himalaya, well-hidden from the Indian subcontinent. Great monasteries seem to be kept secret there and you will feel a changed person once you get in touch with spiritual gurus that have a lot to share with tourists visiting the area.

Finally, we can only say great things about the Himalayas and the regions that feature these imposing mountains given the natural beauty and charm that can only be admired there. Choose this location for your holidays this year, stay at the Kumaon Hotel and experience the local way of greeting the New Year. It might prove to be the best experience of your life so far!