While “always be prepared” is the well-known motto for boy scouts, it should be one that you always follow when travelling because while a vacation opens up endless possibilities these can be both good and bad. Being prepared can go a long way to helping you overcome any adversities you may face on the road.

 Safety Measures – First Aid Kit

Pack a small first aid kit with the essentials that will take care of headaches, scrapes and cuts or allergies. While your kit should be specific to your needs you could consider adding these basic items

 Band-Aids because cuts are almost always inevitable.

  • Antibiotic cream
  • Anti-nauseates especially if you have a lot of travelling to do.
  • Anti-diarrheal
  • Antihistamine and analgesics

Emergency List

If any medical emergency should occur which your first aid kit just won’t take care of, keep a list of all your emergency contacts so that the hospital knows who to contact, do this even if you are travelling with other people in case they are injured too. The best way to go about this is to

  • Make a list of your emergency contacts as well as any allergies you may have.
  • Make copies
  • Keep one copy on your person at all times.
  • Keep the other in your hotel room as a backup

 Emergency Cash

While there are ATM’s available everywhere nowadays keeping a stash of emergency cash in your hotel room can come in handy in case something should happen such as

  • If you are robbed
  • If you lose your wallet
  • If your credit cards stop working

Keep the cash in a safe place and be sure to keep it a secret.

Invest in Travel Insurance

Good travel insurance will help to protect you if you

  • Break any bones
  • Contract an unknown disease
  • Are robbed
  • Caught in the midst of terrorist activity
  • Lose your baggage
  • Miss your flight
  • Finally if you should die abroad it will help get your body home.

Losing Your Passport

images (1)Losing your passport abroad can be very scary when you are in a foreign country where the language is completely new to you and you don’t know your way around, these are the steps which can help you get a temporary passport:-

  • Find the nearest police station and file a report stating the loss of your passport.
  • Visit your State Department Website, print and fill out the necessary forms for a lost passport.
  • You will then need to submit these forms to the U.S Embassy or consulate along with a passport sized photograph and your police report.
  • You will also need to pay a fee before you are given a time for when you can return and collect your temporary passport.

Multiple Copies

Scan and save all important papers listed below, in an easily accessible and password protected device, and have hard copies in your hotel room in case available is of loss or theft.

  • Health and Travel Insurance documents
  • Passport
  • Credit cards

 These will all serve as proof of identity and will help make the process of applying for fresh copies easier.

Finally, for those of you who wish to travel by car you will require an IDP or international driving permit which allows licensed motorists to drive in foreign countries without going through new driving tests. An IDP says that you have already been tested by a competent agency that issues only valid driving license. These items will help you be prepared so that you can maximize your enjoyment and minimize your stress and fear if anything should go wrong.

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