Australia is well endowed with marine life; with over 45 known species if porpoises, whales and dolphins. The best thing about the country is that the coastline is accessible from an array of locations, with Sydney being one of the best. According to experts, the coastline is expecting to receive between 2400 and 2500 whales this year. This makes it the best place to be for the lovers of marine life. As the whale watching season approaches, you should consider being in any of the viewpoints mentioned below. The points are all accessible from Sydney and will allow you a clear view of the gigantic mammals.eden australia


Being in this point will give you the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the first Humpback wiles as they move to the warmer Queensland water. Many tourists convene in this point between June and August to watch these mammals. Additionally, you can also watch the mother whales and the calves as they return to the south, between September and November.Albany australia


Between June and November, you can watch the Humpback whales as they travel in lines, heading to their breeding grounds, from this point. At Albany, WA, you can also have the opportunity to watch the Southern right whales as they migrate from the Antarctica and shelter in the southern bays of Albany to breed and mate.Exmouth, Australia


To watch whales as they make their way to the Exmouth, you should be in this viewpoint between April and July. During this period, zooplanktons thrive in this region, which attracts the whales to the region.Port Stephens

Port Stephens

While these golden sand beaches are home to 165 bottlenose dolphins, it is also a magnificent place to watch the Humpback whales display their acrobatic moves, as they head north to mate and give birth. To catch this beautiful view, you should be in Port Stephens, NSW between June and August. Alternatively, you may visit the viewpoint between September and November, to watch the whales as they return south.Bruny Island

Bruny Island

This year, you should visit thisĀ  whale watching Sydney point between May and July or September and December, to catch a glimpse of the Humpback whiles as well as the southern right whales. The southern right whales travel past the island during this period, with some stopping at the Adventure Bay to rest. Normally, the whales remain in the bay for extended period, up to five weeks. This allows you more time to watch them and take pictures or record them with your recording devices. Additionally, this point gives you the opportunity to view Minke, Orca Pygmy Right and various other types of whalesWarnambool australia


This is a magnificent place to view the Southern Right Whales as they come to give birth and mate. The whales normally shelter on bays next to the shoreline and are easy to spot. To experience this thrilling view, you should visit this viewpoint between June and September.

Once you have made up your mind to visit Australia to watch whiles, nothing should prevent you from catching the best view possible. These are some of the best while watching points in the country.