luxury hotelSometimes when we are looking for the best hotel to stay in our trip, we want nothing but all the amenities that we deserve, good service and comfortable places to relax. If you already decided that Mexico is your next destination you need to know wherever you go, you will find warm and friendly people with a shot of mezcal o tequila to offer.

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Either you want to explore the Riviera Maya while you scale in the Mayan pyramids or you are just looking for a quiet beach to enjoy the sunset, Mexico has the most luxury hotels for all needs and every kind of taste, the next ones are our favorites:


In the state of Quintana Roo you can find a quiet island with a beautiful architecture and a genuine authenticity. You can also find any kind of Cozumel hotels where you can relax in a private beach or taste food from all over the world. It will be difficult to ignore the beauty and the color of the sea, and the diversity its nature.

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Playa del Carmen

Many Playa del Carmen hotels have been recognized as the most luxurious ones, some of them are surrounded by the rainforest and can give you access to the most beautiful white sand beaches where you can stay as long as you want. If you want luxurious vacations there are so many options, all you have to do is look for hotels in Riviera Maya.

Cabo San Lucas

This beautiful land is full of contrasts: deserts, mountains and fascinating beaches. It is located at the tip of Baja California Peninsula and it is known as the most popular destination in the area. Today Cabo San Lucas has beautiful all-inclusive resorts where you just have to relax, tan, and enjoy the view.

As you can see, visiting the paradise is not that difficult, you just have to take the next plane to Mexico. Enjoy!

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