Although the clubbing scene in Bangalore may be a buzz kill for many, there is no city in India that can be compared to Bangalore when it comes to pubs and cafes. Check for the Bangalore to Goa flight price and take a trip to Goa after Bangalore if you really want to stay up whole night partying, however, if you are looking for some place to sit and chill, Bangalore is your answer. Here are some of the best and cheapest bars and pubs in Bangalore.

bangalore city tour

Bangalore is a great place to have fun. There are quirky, fresh and quaint cafes spread all across the city perfect for a morning breakfast or to take a pit stop from all the shopping and sightseeing if you are new to the city. However, the topic of today’s conversation is in its pubs, that too the budget friendly ones. Yes, it may seem impossible to fit ‘budget friendly’ and ‘alcohol’ in a city like alcohol where booze is expensive, however there are places spread across the city where you have to shell out very less to have a great time! You will have to know your way around the city to know these places. If you still think it’s too expensive, check for the Bangalore to Goa flights price and head over there, as booze is significantly cheaper in Goa. Mentioned below are some of the best places to have a great time whilst at the same time going easy on the wallet.

le rock pub bangalore

Brigade road

Le rock

This is probably one of the best places to hangout in Bangalore. Classy, great interiors, prompt service and going upto three floors in a huge building in the most posh area of the city, the drinks are surprisingly cheap in this pub. Ladies night on Thursdays offer two free shots to all the ladies. Getting a beer tower is the best option to get. The food is light, brilliantly cooked and light – as starters and appetizers should be. The special cocktails are also a must try. Le Rock beats Bangalore’s Hard Rock Cafe’s ass in every field from location, pricing, food to the ambience!

guzzlers bangalore


Located in the same line as Le Rock, the Guzzlers inn is a great budget friendly pub. The other half of the first floor is a place where people can smoke and simultaneously chill. Smoking is not allowed outside of that. Spirits and beers are cheap, food is good and they telecasts live sporting events. The music played in the bar is pure rock and roll.

Happy brew

Koramangala 5th block

Happy brew

This pub in Koramangala is known for its karaoke nights. The cheap booze is the main attraction of youngsters and the place remains packed weekdays and weekends alike. The place remains sprawling with young college goers who come each night in groups.

spiritz bar and restaurant


Spiritz bar & restaurant

If you are or were a student in Bangalore and you have never visited this bar, you have not figured out Bangalore yet. This place serves the cheapest booze, food at a minimal rate(yummy too) and although the place looks a little shady, it is always packed. The place is more packed with college students during the end of the month when their pocket money pool begins to dry out.

pecos bangalore


Indira Nagar


Peco’s is actually a chain of pubs in Bangalore, but the one here in Indira Nagar is the most popular and most packed. The main attraction is of course the cheap booze, for which people throng to this place. Service is prompt and the decor of Peco’s is what sets it apart from the pack.

jive pub


Jive pub

One of the most popular places in Indira Nagar which is familiar to every college goers, this is one place that everyone flocks to in Indira Nagar. Although there are pubs like TOIT around in the area, the prices of Jive pub is too good to resist.