China is a country full of culture, heritage, and beauty. It’s landscapes, historical monuments and modern architecture make it an appealing place to visit. Being the most populated place on the planet means that China has plenty of things to see and do. From the Great Wall of China to Hong Kong Disneyland, every tourist is catered for, no matter what age they are. If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of Chinese tourist attractions on offer, this guide can help. Here are some top activities that are too good to miss during a trip to China.

Xian Terracotta Army


Visit the Terracotta Army

No trip to China would be complete without seeing the infamous Terracotta Army. Located near to the city of Xi’an, this collection of life-sized sculptures is something you need to see while you are here. While you’ve probably seen photographs online and in books, nothing can compare to seeing it up close. Each statue is unique and highly detailed, and the size of the collection is phenomenal. They were created to guard to the tomb of Qin Shi Huang, who was the first Emperor of China. Many Chinese holiday tours offer trips to the museum where the army is located. But secure your place quickly as this wonder of the world is an incredibly popular attraction.

walk the great wall


Walk the Great Wall

The Great Wall of China is one of the only monuments in the world that can be seen from space. This is primarily due to it’s breath-taking size.  It spans over 5,000 miles and crosses China’s cliffs, grasslands, and rivers. It’s said that up to 70,000 tourists visit the wall per day, so it’s hardly surprising that it’s become so iconic. You can visit the wall with a tour group who can offer an informative guide. Alternatively, you can choose to walk the Great Wall independently. Originally built as a military defense, it’s structure stands out against the surrounding landscape. Some areas of the wall are inaccessible so keep this in mind. Head to the Shanghai pass or the Jiankou section for a more adventurous and unique experience.

pandas of chengdu



See the Pandas of Chengdu

If you’re an animal lover, this is an activity that you will adore. The Chinese city of Chengdu is home to the Chengdu Panda Breeding center. With bamboo enclosures, a museum and a baby panda house, you’ll find out so much about these wonderful creatures. The center aims to teach Panda’s how to live in their natural habitats so they can be released back into the wild. There are also opportunities for you to hold and feed the baby pandas which will no doubt be a highlight of your trip. The opportunity to see these endangered animals up close will be an experience unlike any other and a memory you will treasure.

So include these activities on your itinerary and learn more about China’s past and present. It’s a beautiful country that you will instantly fall in love with. Whether you’re traveling by yourself or bringing your entire family, make your vacation to China one to remember.