Towers have been built my mankind from prehistoric times and a tower is basically a tall structure and they are a bit different from the buildings because of the fact that they are not meant for living or residing purpose. Later people started to build another sort of towers like bell towers, minarets and clock towers. Below is the list of some famous towers located worldwide and If you too want to see these tallest towers you can explore the below mentioned towers with These towers are the amazing architectural masterpiece of engineering and technology.

paris tour

Eiffel Tower

It is a wrought lattice tower in Paris, France. This tower is the tallest structure in Paris and most visited paid monument in the world. It is named after its engineer Gustave Eiffel. This is the most visited tourist attractions in Paris and every year thousands of visitors visit Paris to see its grandeur. The tower has a height of 324 meters almost equal to an 81 storey building. Currently it is a global landmark.

leaning tower of pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa

It is the free standing bell tower and is known for its tilt structure. This tower was built over a period of about 177 years and it has approx 296 steps. It is one of the famous tourist attractions in Pisa, Italy.

three pagados

Three Pagodas

It is located in China in the northwest city of Dali. These three towers are the well preserved Buddhist structures in China. The middle pagoda is the tallest among three and has a height of 227 feet and the other two on each side of the tallest one are 140 feet high. These three towers are built during 824-840 AD by King Quan Fengyou.

qutub minar

Qutub Minar

This popularly minar is in Delhi, India. It is commissioned by Qutb al-Din Aybak who is also the first ruler of Delhi. Qutub Minar is one of the famous tourist attractions in Delhi and is 72 meters high with 379 steps leading to the top and it makes it the world’s tallest minaret of brick.

two towers of bologana

The Two Towers of Bologna

These two towers are the landmark of the city Bologna; Italy. It is a group of medieval structures. The tallest one is called Asinelli with a height of 97.2 meters and the smaller one is called Garisenda which is 48 meters high.

minaret of jam

Minaret of Jam

It is located in Afghanistan and is considered as UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has a height of about 62 meters and is built somewhere around 1190 as the minaret is a UNESCO World Heritage Site but it is also in the list of Heritage in Danger. However, this minaret is built in the 12th century as a part of the mosque, but the mosque was washed away in a flood and destroyed by the Mongols after some time. Despite of all these reasons minaret is still standing erectly.

cn tower

CN Tower

It is located in Toronto in Canada. It is the most recognizable communication tower and it is built by the railway company “Canadian National” in 1973-1976.It is the tallest structure in the world from past 30 years with the height 1,815.4 feet until it was surpassed in height by Burj Khalifa in Dubai.