Dubai is globally known as one of the best tourist destinations. The travel experience is even more memorable when it is shared with one’s spouse. About 60 years ago this was more of a dream than reality. Dubai was a dusty backwater country, home for divers and coastal traders. Oil was later discovered and added billions of dollars into the economy. Moreover, later the sheikh started on a journey of turning Dubai into one of the most exclusive holiday destination and a playground for the rich.shutterstock

Burj Al Arab
• The name means Arabian Tower and the tallest hotel in the world soaring up to 321 meters.
• It is located on the coast of Dubai and resembles a veil rising from the water.
• This wonderful structure is designed to amaze and by far the most luxurious hotel in the world with a self-proclaimed 7 star rating.
• With all the luxury, only wealthy people get to dine at the Burj AI Arab with reservations going for as high as $116.
• The decor is lavish with a perfect interpretation of colors and where you can get to dine while having a beautiful aerial view of the Palm Jumeria from the restaurant that looks like it is suspended in the sky that gives an ultimate sky view.

Burj Khalifa
• It is the tallest building in the world and the centerpiece of tourist attraction in Dubai.
• The structure rises up to 828 meters that allow a breathtaking unobstructed view of the city and the park.
• At the top, one can enjoy skydiving, a fun and exhilarating activity.
• Dubai’s architectural marvel could not get better than the pyramid design of the Burj. It houses the world’s prestigious Armani hotel and other businesses with a prosperous history background.shutterstock_117863143
Palm Jumeria

• The people of Dubai are not only gifted with the art of preservation, but creative intellect as well. The Palm Jumeria is a case in point.
• These are three man made islands that are shaped like a palm tree. These islands were the result of land reclamation. The fact about it that makes it so special is that it is even visible from space.
• This location is a must visit for all skydivers. It offers a spectacular view.
• Residential apartments, villas and the prestigious Atlantis hotel are all part of the wholesome package these islands offer.
Desert safari
• What makes the UAE a top destination is the sense of variety it has to offer. With the assistance of tour guides, tourists will be able to enjoy desert safaris.
• It is possible to camp out individually or as a group.
• A star-studded sky, excellent company, nonstop entertainment and camel rides are just but a few of the wonderful experiences the desert has to offer.
Atlantis hotel

• Dubai has a string of affordable luxury hotels, but the Atlantis remains a must visit.
• This 5 star hotels are housed on The Palm Dubai Island. Its design is based on the lost kingdom of Atlantis, a common myth.
• This is a truly amazing architectural structure. It houses, attractions such as a Water Park, the Lost Chambers, the Dolphin Bay and much more.
World Islands

• These artificial islands were created to highlight Dubai’s luxury of having shapes of different continents and countries.
• They are a place to visit because they are unique in that they cannot be found anywhere else in the world.
• The islands gave a whole new dimension for real estate in Dubai.
Dubai fountain

• It is one of the world’s largest water performances and is set on the Burj Khalifa lake. It is a spectacular sight for both young and old that starts every evening.
• Most of the restaurants offer a place to view the fountain’s night show.
The tourist can experience this and much more once they visit Dubai. Turkish visas (if necessary) can easily be obtained online.