Gardens even the name can refresh anyone. The Garden is the only place where you can have peace of mind and fragrance of flowers, fresh breeze, birds chirping and soothing environment. An early morning walk is a blessing to each and everyone. Below is the list of some wonderful gardens which everyone should visit. EaseMyTrip will help you to make your trip easy.

the garden of cosmic speculation

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation

This garden in located in Scotland and it took the inspiration from math and science. This is one of the most scenic gardens and is open to public only once a year. This garden is one of the unique gardens in the world and it was set up by Charles Jencks with his wife Maggie and it is located at Portrack House near Dumfries. This garden is created not with the usual ideas but with some different ideas in 1989.This garden is surrounded by amazing sculptures and themes like the DNA helix in a gigantic metallic glory. It is designed with ideas in mind and to provoke thought about the nature of things.

keukenhof garden

Keukenhof Gardens

Keukenhof is a unique place in Netherland and is world famous for its beauty and charm. This place is a beautiful work of art and it includes 7 million tulips which also include special hybrids that have been developed. Keukenhof is altogether a big party for the children and it is an unforgettable experience.

butchart garden

Butchart Gardens

This charming garden is located in British Columbia and it is no less than a paradise. This garden is counted among the best of the best and can also stunned anyone with the breathtaking aura. It is spread over 50 acres of land and is placed near Victoria on Vancouver Island. This place never disappoints the visitors and is filled with outstanding and dazzling surroundings throughout the year.

ryoan ji


Ryoan Ji Temple in Kyoto is famous for its Zen garden which is the most charismatic experience for the dry landscape style. It is the best example of Japanese art and culture. No one is aware when this garden was laid out but it is intact and still has the same beauty as it had years before. This temple garden is the quintessence of Zen art.

yuguan garden

Yuyuan Garden

It is believed that this garden was built by Ming Dynasty more than 400 years ago and is built in traditional Chinese style and it has many zigzag bridges which actually help in separating the various pavilions and garden areas. Yuyuan was once restored and reopens several times. This garden was recovered its charm and rebuilt after Shanghai’s liberation in 1956 and was at last reopened to the public in 1961.

nong nooch garden

Suan Nong Nooch

This garden is situated in Pattaya, Thailand. It is the most visited place and one of the famous tourists’ attractions every day approx 2000 visitors go there and enjoy the marvelous views and vibrant landscapes. This garden includes Thai style houses restaurants, pools and villas. 600 acres of land was bought by Mr. Pisit and Mrs. Nongnooch in 1954 and it was predicted to be a fruit plantation but later with a firm decision tropical garden of blossoming flowers and lust green plants was created. It got its official name ‘Suan Nong Nooch’ 1980 and was opened to public. Suan means garden and this is one of the beautiful places to experience Thai culture and Thai Cultural Shows.