Themed hotels have become increasingly popular with travelers over the years. A themed hotel is often the perfect way to honour the history of a building, celebrate a city’s heritage or it Is simply a way to offer an unforgettable stay for guests. We have therefore narrowed down the five best themed hotels in the world.titan hotel

1. 30 James Street – Home of the Titanic, Liverpool, England

For a luxurious stay with a twist, you have to visit 30 James Street – Home of the Titanic. It’s a Titanic hotel in Liverpool that was formerly the White Star Line’s headquarters – the shipping company that created the ill-fated liner.
It was here that the crew of RMS Titanic received their orders, including the ship’s commander, Captain Edward J. Smith. The building was also RMS Titanic’s port of registry, and the hotel commemorates the vessel and her passengers and crew throughout the building.
Each room in the hotel is named after a famous person or connection to the ship, and the decor is inspired by the timeless elegance of the Titanic era. The Carpathia Champagne Restaurant and Bar is also named after the Cunard ship, RMS Carpathia, that rescued the 705 survivors on the 15th April 1912. It is therefore a must-visit for history lovers all over the world.Comics Guesthouse, Rome, Italy

2. Comics Guesthouse, Rome, Italy
Every comic book lover needs to book a stay at The Comics Guesthouse in Rome, Italy, as it offers unique comic themes throughout the hotel for a truly unforgettable visit. Cartoon characters are featured across the hotel, including characters from The Simpsons and many Marvel heroes, such as Iron Man and The Hulk. It’s also closely located to Vatican City and Villa Borghese, and you can play a variety of interactive games in the hotel, including Playstation and Wii consoles.Propeller Island Hotel, Berlin, Germany

3. Propeller Island Hotel, Berlin, Germany
The Propeller Island Hotel will catapult you to happiness – or at least try to with their flying beds! This truly unique hotel offers everything from upside down rooms to weirdly comfy coffin beds. If you’re looking for an unusual hotel stay, this is most definitely it, and it was brought to you by the imagination of the German artist Lars Stroschen.

4. Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho, USA
The Dog Bark Park Inn wanted to be the big dog of themed hotels so much that they turned their hotel into one! This rather quirky hotel is the largest beagle in the world. While it offers a Trojan-like exterior, each room is themed on man’s best friend and has a comfortable, quaint design for a quirky hotel stay. You’ll even get to much on dog-shaped cookies – what’s not to love?The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, Canada

5. The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, Canada
Each and every room in the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, Canada, is a piece of art. Local Canadian artists got together to transform the 19th century building into an experimental work of art. No two rooms are the same in this creative hotel, which offer different themes to suit individual tastes.
You can stay in the Skygazer room for a meditative atmosphere, which offers neutral shades and cloud-like plaster relics. There’s also the Puzzle Room, which features jigsaw puzzles and videos of tourist landscapes to entertain guests.

Hotel stays are no longer about comfortable beds, stunning styles and great facilities; guests want a hotel experience that stands out from the crowd, and themed hotels definitely do just that.