Srilanka, nestled amid the blue waters of the Indian Ocean, apart from being an unspoiled treasure of natural wonders, is also the home to a large number of excellent foodie destinations and eateries. The traditional recipes of Srilanka blended with exotic global recipes and international spices in these fantastic foodie destinations simply melt into the platters of the visitors and take them into a world of spiciness, tanginess and sweetness. These contrasting flavors being the specialty of Srilankan cuisines are served in a number of eateries in Srilanka ranging from local cafes and street stalls to modern hotels and restaurants. Here is a list of the top 5 foodie destinations of Srilanka that do full justice to the lip-smacking cuisines of this beautiful island country.The Gallery Café

The Gallery Café

Considered to be one of the finest foodie destinations of Srilanka, the Gallery Café has a lot to offer to its visitors. Being located in the heart of the capital town of Colombo, this eatery is easily accessible by the visitors going to Srilanka from any part of the world. Some of the unique features of this place are:

  • Being placed in the previous office of famous architect Geoffrey Bawa, this foodie destination provides its visitors a unique dining experience in accompaniment of art and architectural delights.
  • The dining experience of the guests will get enhanced with a pre-dining visit to the art gallery consisting of art works of local architects.
  • Traditional Srilankan food prepared from fresh local spices and ingredients will tantalize the taste buds of the foodies and the unique fusion food will make them visit this place again and again.


Zaza, nestled in Colombo, is a hot favorite destination for the foodies. Featuring a café, restaurant and a bar, this lovely place offer all kinds of gastronomical delights to its valuable guests. Some of its unique offerings include:

  • A regularly changing menu is the specialty of this foodie destination. Coming up with new and unique food items, this restaurant and café never gives its visitors any chance of getting bored with repetitive food items.
  • Authentic Srilankan Ceylon Tea offers to its visitors during the daytime with a little twist in its taste for increasing its effectiveness.
  • A wide array of local and global dishes makes this place one of the most favorite food destinations of the food lovers.

Curry Leaf

Curry Leaf, as the name suggests, is the most authentic restaurant in Srilanka serving traditional Srilankan fare to its global visitors. It has earned enough fame among the food lovers because of its mouth-watering gastronomical delights. It offers its guests with:

  • Authentic and pure Srilankan Cuisine directly cooked in the traditional Srilankan kitchen following the traditional cooking method.
  • Open-air cooking counter provided in this restaurant facilitates its guests to sit and enjoy the cooking techniques and methods of Srilanka.
  • Pure Srilankan food items such as Pittu and Kottu Roti are treated with classic delights and turned into unique fusion food for their guests who are in search of a twist in the common day to day food.

Seafood Cove

Visiting Srilanka will remain incomplete without relishing its delighting sea foods. Seafood Cove, is recognized to be one among the best beach restaurants in Srilanka offering a wide variety of seafood items to its visitors. Here the visitors can enjoy:

  • Amazing sea-view coupled with the blue water of the Indian Ocean and golden sunshine enhancing the visitor’s pleasure of having a beach dining experience.
  • Fresh daily catch of fish and shellfish from the sea are served to the guests after treating with traditional flavors and spices.
  • The rustic appeal of the restaurant greatly inspires the guests who want to get a peek into the traditional beach life of Srilanka.

Ministry of Crab  

Ministry of crab, established by world-famous personalities like Kumar Sangakkara, Dharshan Munidase and Mahela Jayewardene, is the best place for stylish seafood dining in Srilanka. Its unique offerings include:

  • More than a hundred variations of crab dishes are cooked with varieties of international flavors to bring a fine variety in their common taste and flavor.
  • Delectable crab items including Butter Crab, Garlic Crab, Ginger Steamed Crab and many more preside the stylish menu card each and every day.
  • Diners can select the size of their crab items which sometimes weigh up to 2kgs or even more.

Known for its excellent foodie destinations, Srilanka, draws hoards of visitors across the globe every year who come to enjoy both the natural beauty as well as the traditional delicacies of this island country. After completing all the formalities if you are found to be eligible then you will be offered with a Srilanka Visa to take entry into Srilanka for enjoying its delighting treasures and food items.