Qatar is becoming a popular tourist destination. But before you book your tickets; make sure you do your research so you know what you are signing up for! Many people from Western countries can find their rules restrictive, while others are not at all phased by them, and do not find that they impinge on their ability to enjoy this beautiful country. Regardless, it is best to know all the facts up front so you know what to expect from a country and culture possibly quite different from your own.

  • Gambling


With Qatar being ruled by Sharia Law as an Islamic country, you will not find any casinos in this country due to Sharia Law’s restrictive policies on gambling. So if you were hoping to hit up a luxury Qatari casino for some poker and slots, you are in the wrong place! But do not despair, if you are an avid games enthusiast, you can still have your fun at the airport, right until you have to board your plane! Royal Vegas casino games are perfect for when you are on the go! Their online casino is also mobile friendly; compatible with various devices for your convenience. Royal Vegas is world renowned for their great service as well as their generous $1200 new player welcome bonuses that they give out. They also have a really large range of games; so whether you like blackjack or slots you do not need to worry about your favorite game not being listed. They also offer progressive games, where you stand a chance to win bigger jackpots than usual!

  • Dietary restrictions: pork and alcohol


Bearing in mind that Qatar’s population is largely Muslim, it should not really come as a shock to  you that you will certainly struggle to find, and may have to go without, both pork and alcohol on your trip to Qatar. If you do not drink, are a vegetarian, Kosher or Halaal, this may not be a problem at all for you in any case! Many people are under the impression that you cannot get any alcohol in Qatar; but this is not necessarily the case. Sure, you will not find any alcohol in the shops or in most restaurants. But there are a select number of five star hotels whose restaurants and bars do have a liquor license. So if you are desperate for a glass of wine or a beer, you will be able to find one if you ask around.

  • Modesty

This mostly applies to women, but is sometimes relevant to men too –depending on where you are going. Another spin off of the conservative Islamic country is that there are rules regarding modesty. As a foreigner, you are not forced to wear an Abaya as the Qatari women do; but you need to make sure that you dress appropriately and respect the social norms they have about modesty. Qatar can reach some high temperatures in the summer, so remember to pack light fabrics that will keep you cool!