From rabbit breeder clubs to next level playgrounds – and one tasty cake in particular, you will find that there are lots of enjoyable reasons to move to Germany. Also, in practical terminology the German employment market is strong with working conditions that are decent. The much-rewarded apprenticeship program has helped keep the unemployment of youngsters down. As opposed to many other nations, vocational schooling is greatly regarded in Germany and manual occupations are believed an equally legitimate employment opportunity.  As a matter of fact, the former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, started his profession having a vocational apprenticeship. With that said, below are some things to know when moving to Germany from Canada.moving to germany from canada


Voltage in Germany is 220-240 volts, which is double the 110 volts in Canada. Plugging several 110-volt gadgets into that current may ruin them. Luckily, Canadians are going to be discouraged from making this error due to the wall plug. The prongs that are on the German plugs are rounder rather than flat, therefore theirs will not go into a German outlet. Adapter plugs, to be able to use the German electric plugs, tend to be inexpensive and accessible; however they only solve 1/2 the issue. There is nevertheless the voltage to deal with. Many personal computers, electric shavers, camcorders, irons and other gadgets are being manufactured multi-voltage now, however make sure you check. Other 110-volt gadgets can be run with transformers.


The weather inside Germany is temperate, therefore the clothing the majority of expats have should do once they get there. Pack as many clothes as possible. If you wish to take advantage of the wonderful ski resorts, which will be accessible to you pack a few warmer clothes and equipment accordingly.move to germany

Working and Living in Germany

Canadians who will be living or working in Germany need a visa (Aufenthaltstitel). Visas may be requested at the Ottawa German Embassy or Consulate within your location. Make sure you consult the site of the German Embassy to get information on German permits.

Younger Canadians between the age ranges of 18 to 35 may obtain a simplified work permit within the “Youth Mobility Program”. The application form may only be submitted in Canada at the Ottawa German Embassy or German consulate within their respective location.

Choosing your Shipping Company

You should opt for a shipping company that will take proper care of your belongings and ship them to you quickly and in exactly the same condition as they were when they were entrusted to them. As you likely know, researching is the best policy; however you need to put together a list of freight-forwarders.

While not necessary, it is helpful to choose local Canadian companies if you can find any. By doing this, it will be possible to go to their offices and get a much better sense of how they do business. Resolving problems may be less difficult this way. When  moving to Germany from Canada, the importing specifications will differ, therefore it is essential to ensure that the shipping company you are thinking about has verified experience importing into your location.