The French capital is one of the most important tourist destinations in Europe, but generally it is one that can also be quite expensive. However, a visit to the city doesn’t have to mean that visitors will have to pay over the odds to enjoy the attractions of the city, as there are plenty of things that visitors can do without having to spend too much money.

Visit The Museums On The First Sunday Of The Month

Paris is a city that is famous for its museums, and on the first Sunday of every month all of the national museums are open for free to visitors, which is a great chance to visit the main attractions of the city. Because of the discounted entry, you can expect for these museums to be quite busy, but even the main attractions such as the Louvre and the Musee D’Orsay open their doors completely without charge.

Take A Bicycle Tour Of The City

For those who bring their bicycle with them to Paris then it is obviously free, but even renting a bike for the weekend can be an economical way to see the sights. Broad paths along the edge of the capital’s canals are ideal for a leisurely ride, while the bus lanes of the city are also open to cyclists, making it easy to get around in relative safety. It is important to take a map and plan out your route in advance to see the main sights.

Enjoy The Bastille Day Celebrations

If you are fortunate enough to be in Paris on the fourteenth of July, then the city is a great place to enjoy the Bastille Day celebrations. The streets are packed with thousands of spectators who come to see the stunning parade that celebrates the storming of the Bastille during the French Revolution. After the spectacular sights of the parade, visitors will then gather around the Eiffel Tower to see the wonderful Bastille Day Firework Display.

Relax In The Gardens Of Le Champ De Mars

While the Eiffel Tower may offer spectacular views across Paris at a cost, the tower is located within the impressive Le Champ De Mars gardens, which are a beautiful and free place to relax. Whether you are someone who enjoys exploring beautifully maintained gardens or simply want to watch the busy foot traffic of the city going by, this is a great place to sit and enjoy the magnificent surroundings.

Have A Picnic On The Canal St Martin

Made famous by the fictional character Amelie, who came to the Canal St Martin to skip stones, this area is one of the most attractive parts of the city where many of the people come to stroll and relax. With a series of lovely iron bridges and the occasional barge, visitors can find a bench and enjoy a picnic, or for those with a little more money to spend have a pastry or a drink from one of the cafes and restaurants along the banks of the canal.

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