Sailing isn’t for everyone, but for those of us who love adventure, the open sea, and have the requisite skills and knowledge to truly enjoy those things, there’s simply nothing like booking a bareboat yacht charter and manning your own vessel. Navigate your way around rugged, beautiful Cornwall, island hop in the Adriatic, or set your sails further ashore for New World treasures in the Caribbean.

Sail the Caribbean and you’re never far from a deserted beach, a lazing turtle, a vibrant culture, fresh food, music and festivities. A Caribbean yacht charter is the perfect way to peruse the plethora of islands and nations that inhabit those turquoise waters; book a bareboat yacht charter to Antigua and you’re near Barbuda, from there you can set course northwest and you’ll find Saint Kitts and Nevis and the British Virgin Islands. Montserrat and Guadalupe are respectively just south and southwest.

In the Caribbean you’re never far from the ideal getaway, whether it’s just you and your lover or a family affair, there’s always something to catch your attention and offer up an unforgettable yachting experience. Here are two of the places you may want to set your coordinates for.

barabuda bareboat

Barbuda, bareboat off the beaten path

Just 26 miles north of Antigua lie the pristine shores of Barbuda. The name Barbuda, or beard was first given the island by its Spanish settlers, but it was the English who held the longest occupancy over the twin-island nation, now independent. Barbuda is the Antigua’s slightly smaller twin, and importantly the less populated of the two. Miles of virgin pink sand beaches still line Barbuda’s shores. Get away from the large resorts and booming nightlife and enjoy the sound of waves gently washing ashore.

bahmas sailing

Bahamas, family fun and festivities

If the whole family is onboard, there’s no place that has it all like the islands of the Bahamas. From bustling markets to colourful festivals filled with music and dance the Bahamas culture is one of inclusion. For kids there’s the world’s largest aquarium, the outstanding Marine Habitat at Atlantis complete with grottos, underwater caves and shallow pool stingray feeding. Castaway Cay is an island owned by Disney, and completely dedicated to family fun, complete with pirate ships and adventure playgrounds.

Experience the pleasures of Caribbean sailing for yourself. Find your perfect honeymoon spot or join in the brilliant festivities.