India is known for its rich heritage, historical facts, geographical terrains, dense forests, mountain belts etc. India not only attracts outsiders to visit places and enjoy the intrinsic beauty and its rich culture but also attracts its citizen to explore the country more. Whether it’s mighty Himalaya’s belt in Leh, dense southern forests, narrow lagoons, beautiful churches in Goa or forts in Rajasthan there is a lot to experience and enjoy from every place. Similarly, Silicon Valley of India is not only tech city, but also has a beautiful landscape where tourists and locals can enjoy in summer.


Mekedatu is located along the Kaveri River in Kanakapura Taluk. Arkavati merges with Kaveri in Sangama, from here about 3.5 Km downstream river flows through a deep gorge which is very narrow. The Kaveri River is more than 150 meters wide and runs through a deep, big granite rocks at Mekedatu.Mekedatu Tourism


Mekedatu (“goat’s leap” in Kannada) has some mythological significance, as one version says the goat that is believed to have leapt across the Kaveri was Lord Shiva in disguise. There are strange holes whose shape resemble goat hooves can be found on both rocky precipices of the gorge. This gorge is believed to be so narrow that a goat can even cross in one leap


The best time to visit Mekedatu is from October through March. In summer there is less water and one can easily walk in the river enjoying the nature’s feel, but in the rainy season there will be more water with heavy flow. One can enjoy the site with water currents, cool breeze half above and nature’s resistance half below both seasons are enjoyable.

Activities, Food, shopping, etc.:

One can enjoy local food which can be found near the falls, hawkers selling local taste, but proper restaurants can be found near the parking area. There is nothing as such any shopping spot, its relief to enjoy the nature. The only activity is to enjoy the nature, weather and greenery, which is a perfect blend for experiencing the place. If you are more outing type then you can enjoy the 3 Km walk admiring the nature and the sound of water rush.

How to reach:

Mekedatu is in the outskirts of the main city, one has to go Kanakapura first and then take a road to Sangama/Mekedatu (one side). Although one may get many busses from Kanakapura for Mekedatu but it would be convenient to take your own vehicle.  Once you reached Kanakapura you have to leave the highway and take a left turn for Mekedatu, better to ask people about the direction to avoid the confusion.

Bangalore to Kanakapura: 60 Kms.

Kanakapura to Sangama: 30+ Kms.

Sangama to Mekedatu: 4 Kms.


Pay attention to the signboards. If travelling by bus do not leave the place without informing the driver. It’s better to carry your own food and snacks to cut the price. Get the travel information from travelling sites or personal blogs which are always helpful in guiding through the place. last but not least get your cam for favourite clicks and share with your family.

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