There is nobody who has not travelled by train, as this mode of transport promises as one of the most comfortable journeys to the destination. Where there are stations full of chaos and unclean, there are some stations around the world which never fails to amaze us in anyway even after decades and centuries. These stations are nothing but an integral part defining the history and the era of design and architecture. Below are some of the spectacular stations, one should not miss.

Grand Central Station

grand central station

Where: NYC

Going with its name, this railway station of New York is extremely grand with around 750,000 people traveling from it every day.  The staircase of the place is considered as the replica of the stairs at the Paris Opera House. The art-work on the ceilings of the concourse leaves you awestruck with its charismatic charm. Started in 1913, this huge station is one of the biggest shopping centers in USA, moreover the backdrop in many of the iconic movies.

Toledo Metro Station

toledo metro station

Where: Naples, Italy

This is one of the deepest underground stations, constructed around the theme of light and water. The place has been creatively constructed giving you the feel of looking like tons of sparkling stars. Located deep down at 50 metres, the station is exquisitely pretty.

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Kievskaya, Mayakovskaya and Park Pobedy Stations

Kievskaya, Mayakovskaya and Park Pobedy Stations

Where: Moscow, Russia

A station which is decorated with Russian paintings displayed on every golden arch. The station looks nothing but a stunning hallway with all the more beautifully designed Chandeliers. The station is the finest example of elegance and charm.

Antwerp Central Station

Antwerp Central Station, Belgium

Where: Belgium

Got ready in the year 1905, the stunning Antwerp Central Station is one of the stunning places which will make you feel as if you are in cathedral and not in a chaotic station. The station consists of intricate interiors where you could simply sit for hours and admire the beauty of the place.

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St Pancras International

St Pancras International

Where: London

The theme of the station clearly defines the amazing beauty of the place. From its great halls to its huge layout, this stations stands as a pure testament to the great Victorian architecture with its red Brick front. One can explore high speed trains from London to Paris or Belgium.

Gare Du Nord

Gare du Nord

Where: Paris

Like the city, the station is stunning in every way possible. From fresh flowers stalls to fashion and antique shops to the aroma of Parisian coffee, the place is a must visiting spot. The statues at the top of the structure display destinations of the trains going to Europe from here.

Avtovo Metro Station

Avtovo Metro Station

Where:  St Petersburg, Russia

The station stands for its grand architecture, making it one of the most graceful stations across the globe.  From large chandeliers to palatial corridors, the place is constructed on the basis of soviet architecture, shinning all around the corner.

Stadion Station

Stadion Station

Where: Stockholm, Sweden

The station is the perfect destination for the art lovers as it had artists decorate around 90 sub stations over a period of 55 years. It is one of the longest art exhibition carrying areas of around 110 kms. The place is decorated with a huge rainbow sculpture along with beautiful paintings, mosaics, engravings and different kinds of sculptures. The station depicts the sheer creativity and elegance that can charm you.

Arts et métiers station

Arts et métiers station

Where: Paris, France

Inspired from the sci-fi writing of Jules Verne, the station gives you a feel of being inside a submarine and surrounded by the Parisian art and architecture. The station has been constructed to commemorate a museum above it housing the Conservatory of Arts and Crafts above it.

Jungfraujoch Railway Station

Jungfraujoch Railway Station

Where: Switzerland

Located at 3,454 meters above sea level, Jungfraujoch Railway Station is the tallest in Europe. The place has taken 16 years of dedicated hard work to get completed and opened in 1912. The station is the best way to indulge yourselves in the stunning beauty of the Alps.