For a city having an umpteen number of high rise and mid-rising structures, the expression “skyscraper” is perhaps a dab unreasonably mishandled. All things considered, Mumbai has, shockingly, more than two thousand private elevated structures within its edges – a deed that has not been replicated by whatever other Indian city till now. So take a walk around of the City of Dreams, Mumbai and prepared to gape in awe at these magnificent and iconic skyscrapers. Remember to wear a collar band on the neck!

Mumbai is an iconic cosmopolitan city of India, known for its uber classy and glamorous life. Housing majority of the Bollywood fraternity and biggies of the fashion world, this city believes in breaching limits for everything. So when the aesthetic meter of this city is so high, then why should the structures below? So look for the Surat to Mumbai trains, and check out these stunning, sky piercing structures in Mumbai, that are slowly becoming the face of modern architecture in India.

imeprial mumbai

The Imperial

Arranged at a champion amongst the most charming spots in the country – on the Tardeo seafront in South Mumbai, The Imperial is assessed among the tallest private elevated structures in India. Seen as a cherry on top of the group enrapturing works of applauding organizer Hafeez Contractor, The Imperial is thought to be a model consequence of the ghetto land redevelopment develops that were endeavored couple of years back, the entire route over the city. The building stands attestation to Mumbai’s productive start of the clash of outfitting ghetto occupants with free or supported territory and reclamation, consequently for their property rights over a particular locale.

mumbai Lodha Bellissimo

Lodha Bellisimo

An energetic undertaking of the Mumbai based Lodha Group, the Lodha Bellissimo is the second tallest private working in the country. It was in mid 2005 that the Lodha Group thought about the course of action of offering climb to this skyscraper; improvement game plans were prepared quickly and the endeavor was kick started with much show before long. The building is starting now in the last times of being made adequately fit for private purposes.

mumbai kohinoor square

Kohinoor Square

Arranged on the land divide under the obligation regarding Mills in Shivaji Park, at the intersection purpose of Gokhale Road and L J Road, Kohinoor Square is a champion amongst the most recent plumes to have improved Mumbai’s celebrated top of elevated structures. The building is not by any stretch of the creative energy private, for a some segment of it is being used for business purposes. Starting late, Kohinoor Square was allowed a gold rating by the Central Government for its model natural reasonability systems, making it the most important skyscraper in the country to win a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design tag.



If you are talking about elevated structures that are tall, and additionally immoderate, Mukesh Ambani’s Antilla point of fact positions high among them. Forbes Magazine has assessed the filling in as the most exorbitant piece of private property that in a matter of moments exists in this world. Leighton Holdings from Australia and Perkins and Will from Chicago were depended with the task of arranging and thusly fabricating this avid errand of the Reliance Industries Limited head. The bolsters staff in Antilla is said to have a quality in excess of 600!