Don’t get shocked and awestruck; yeah! You heard it right Rome too has a pyramid. Rome has a pyramid of Cestius which is a 2000year old pyramid which stands close to Porto San Paolo in Rome. Gaius Cestius Epulo built a pyramid shaped tomb for his family members and for his own; he was the court official and a member of the College of Septemviri Epulones. This pyramid is a sturdy piece of construction. However the pyramid lay uncared and even the Romans forgot who was buried inside, but then in 1660 the pope had the pyramid restored and at this particular time they found an inscription on the exterior naming Gaius Cestius and stating that it had taken 330 days to build. Further, if we talk about the pyramid it has frescoes which depict Roman mythology and panel carvings of female figure. In 2013 the pyramid has gone under much awaited restoration in 2013 March. It is old, but it is still well maintained unlike the other ancient structures because it was used as a part of the city’s fortifications. The pyramid has a height of 37 meters and is 30 meters wide. The point at the top is unlike Egyptian pyramids; and is a bit sharp. This pyramid is built with concrete, brick and then covered with marble slabs. It is the only pyramid in Europe.

rome pyramid

Explore its History

When Egypt was conquered by the Romans in 30BC; the Romans were inspired to construct the copies of Egyptian structures and at the time of construction there were two pyramids but later only one survived. The Pyramid of Romulus was destroyed in 1500 due to some reason. The origin of the pyramid is forgotten during the middle ages. This pyramid was much admired by the architects and many poets as well. Percy Bysshe Shelley described this pyramid in Adonias in which he wrote “one keen pyramid with wedge sublime” and English novelist and poet Thomas Hardy, who has written the poem “Rome: At the Pyramid of Cestius near the graves of Shelley and Keats”. Proper restoration of the pyramid started in 2013.


Appearance, Design and Modern developments

This Roman Pyramid is made up with cement and brick and with white marble coating. Earlier there were number of interior frescoes which show scenes from life, but now not much of this art is present, however the detailed descriptions survived. This pyramid has a deliberate design choice. One reason for the uniqueness might have been the Roman invention of concrete, which gave the engineers much more flexibility in the construction.

This pyramid has received two restorations, first in the 1600’s which actually did not necessarily respect its history and significance. In 1999 again a restoration took place which was much more careful and respectful. The tomb as of now is under special protection and is not usually open for public visits. If you also have a keen interest in exploring the ancient monuments, pyramids and lot more and further looking forward to get the amazing deals you can check out This travel website will not only ease your journey, but will save your money too because they care for you and your savings.