If the term ‘larger-than-life’ appears as a city, it would undoubtedly be Dubai with its love of the opulence ad affluence flowing through its mall culture, ultramodern architecture and attempt to outdo everything standard.

burj khalifa


The Canyan Tower, Burj Khalifa (World’s tallest Tower), Burj Al Arab (the tallest hotel), Emirates Tower, Palm Jumeirah (First of the 3 Palm Islands projected to be completed soon), Atlantis- The Palm (the ocean-themed resort) and Rotating Skyscrappers are some of the marvellous and very striking examples of architectural splendour Dubai is already exhibiting. There are some projects that are already planned to be completed soon like Hydropolis, and The World archipelago. The list is only going to get lengthier with the way Dubai is investing in making a name for itself in incredible architecture.

duabi museum

Archaeological & Historical sites

History buffs can find themselves at home where they can trace dates of one monument and then another. The past of richness and opulence can still be seen in parts of Dubai. Dubai Creek (to learn about trading tradition and a wildlife sanctuary), Hatta (Hatta Fort, traditional houses and museum of sorts), Al Fahidi Fort (and the Museum inside it), Heritage and Diving Village (for traditional culture and lifestyle) and Burj Nahar (for one of the watchtower of old city) top the list of the spots to be visited by history lovers.

dubai mall


A compulsive shopper or a practiced window shopper, the elaborate shopping malls of Dubai is for everyone. You can explore Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, Burjaman Centre, Deira City Centre, Jumeirah Plaza, Ibn Battuta Mall and many others. Each of these is unique in its own regard and would demand time from you to be properly explored, even if you don’t plan to buy anything. And believe us, you won’t regret the time you spent in these malls. You not only get to shop but splurge in, eating, drinking and everything associated with upscale merrymaking.

Faith-related attractions

Primarily a Muslim city, Dubai is home to worship places for faiths other than Islam. The Hindus can go to the Hindu Temple complex, housing temples dedicated to Shiva and Krishna; Christians can go to Sunday masses in churches like St. Mary’s Catholic Church; Sikhs have Guru Nanak Darbar Gurudwara for kneeling in the grace of almighty. Visiting places of other religions in a Muslim city can be a unique experience so why to be bereft of it?

The attractions of Dubai are not limited to the above categories, but go beyond as many of the places of tourist curiosity are a part of one a bigger place, like Ski Dubai located inside Mall of Emirates. There are water sports, desert fun, beach time, luxury shopping and gourmet eating and what not.

These become the reasons for spending considerable time as holidays in Dubai. So how long you are going to be in there?

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