India is counted as one of the oldest places on earth for a plethora of unique characteristics. It is not just a large country but also has many incredible aspects for the visitors from different parts of the world. India has an ancient culture to be explored, variety of cuisines in one country to be tasted, all kinds of geographical regions to experience, different climates to witness, and of course the lovely people in all the states. Indian can be expressed as a land with different zones but one heart. If you are looking for reasons as to why you need to visit, we can share unlimited of them.
In this piece of article, allow me to share 10 strong reasons which will compel you to visit India very soon. And by the time you reach the end of the article, I am sure you will already fall in love with the fascinating country India.
Top reasons to visit India: read them now
Here are some of the best reasons that will attract you towards various facets of the country. Check them out!

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No matter in which part of India you are, you can find impressive architecture since ancient times on monuments, temples, and palaces of the country. You can witness the oldest civilization of India and let the architecture speak for the influence of the past and century old existence in the world.

Indian hospitality

Indians welcome guests with an open heart and say Atithi Devo Bhava which means guest is our God. Indians make every possible effort to impress the guests and make them comfortable in a new place. There are plenty of communities in India, and each of them follows the same path to greet and welcome the guests. You will be overjoyed to witness such a warm hospitality that you will never want to leave the country. Try it!

Spirituality at its peak

India is one of the best destinations in the entire world where you can feel the magical essence of spirituality. There are many cities in India such as Varanasi, Haridwar, Rishikesh, and lots more where you can indulge in yoga & meditation and get closer to spirituality. Thousands of visitors come to Indian land with a motto to attain spiritualism, and they do it! Visit to any old ashram in India and you will feel positive from top to bottom. True that!


India is known to be one of the oldest countries with ancient culture. Such a vast diversity the country has that you can witness a new language, a new cuisine, a new lifestyle in every 5 kms. Once you experience north to south, and east to west of India, you will be glad to witness such a unique destination of the world. Do not believe me? Then visit and experience all by yourself!


This is one of the most amazing features of Indian subcontinent. Walk in any state and you can smell a new aroma and relish a special taste. Whether it is vegetarian or non vegetarian, regional savoring or a dessert, you will be delighted with the specialty and variety. Whether it is spicy North Indian cuisine or sweetened desserts from west India, or healthy and unique non-vegetarian delicacies from east or variety of South Indian cuisine, the choices will pamper you to the core.


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You must have hardly noticed such cultures in any other country of the world that you can witness in India. There are plenty of communities living in India, and the best thing of all is- all share equal love in exchange. There is no hatred between one another, and every joyous occasion is celebrated by the entire country and not just by one community.


Every month of the year has a special festival, and each is celebrated with glam sham. Every festival has a unique significance and so the traditional are followed each year, and such are the times when love is shared all around.

Geographical aspects

Whether you want to see mountains, or you wish to spend time in beaches, whether you want to see how desserts are or you wish to witness the rivers – India is a destination where you can find all of the locations. Isn’t it interesting? Yes, it is! So, don’t just visit the country for a few days, rather take months of time to get closer to each and every aspect of the country.

Manmade wonders

Besides the natural sights, one can feel inspired by looking at the stunning man-made wonders in the country, irrespective of the state where you are in. From the famous Taj Mahal to Qutub Minar, India Gate to Charminar, and lots of temples, churches, and monuments – there are so many manmade wonders in Indian designed and developed in such a way that each one of them has a special background to be shared.


Last but not the least, India boasts of many destinations where you can actually feel the adrenaline rush in your body. Whether it is sky diving or underwater activities, mountain climbing or river rafting, there is plethora of adventure activities that you can enjoy in the country.

How to reach India?

The answer to the above question is easy! It is by booking flight tickets from any of your country to the major cities of India. A lot of Indian states are well connected to other major countries of the world through airways. There are many national and international airlines you can choose and make your reservations based on your date of travel, budget, and other details. A smart tip is to plan in advance and make your bookings a couple of months before the date so that you can grab some exclusive discounts.

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India is waiting for you with open arms and a wide heart, without any second thought make your plans and do experience a country that can leave a mark in your travel diaries.