One of the most auspicious pilgrimage site for Hindus, this city is a little bundle of rich historic heritage. With 80% of the economy coming in from the festivals held at the Jagannath temple, the figures itself speaks of the spectacular importance of this majestic temple. This article speaks about Puri, more through the eyes of a traveller rather than a devotee visiting for pilgrimage. jagannath puri temple

Known as The Abode of Lord Jagannath, Puri is a city and headquarters of Puri district in the Indian state of Odisha, formerly called Orissa. This is considered a holy and auspicious place by the Hindu devotees and also one of the most prominent and renowned pilgrimage site. This holy city is busy whole year with people from all over coming here to pay homage in the numerous temples around this city.

The downpour of people in this city whole year and especially more during the festive seasons gave rise to the tourism industry of the city and state as a whole. The flourishing of the tourism industry naturally lead to the increase of number of business and catering establishments like restaurants, souvenir shops, better transport and hotels in Puri. The highest and biggest attraction for these devotees, tourists and travellers is definitely the grand Jagannath temple. Built in the Kalinga style of architecture from the front view to the structural detailing, the temple has an elevated platform of about 4,20,000 sq feet while the temple complex covers an area of 10.7 acres. It is believed that King Indradyumna was directed by Lord Jagannath in a dream to build a temple for him and he built it as directed. This majestic temple is popular not only in the area itself but all over India. Not only this but Puri also offers a rollercoaster ride into the history through its popular museum and libraries. Various exhibitions of ancient palm-leaf manuscripts, the actual garments worn by Lord Jagannath, patachitra (traditional cloth based scroll painting) and local craftwork and sculptures can be seen in these places. Also the various other temples scattered across the city and the beautiful golden beach with golden sand grains are definite crowd pullers.

Puri is also well connected by railways with direct trains cities like Delhi, Howrah, Ahmedabad, etc. Trains are going to be a hassle free and economical choice for you and even better if you can book it prior via your IRCTC account. That way the only thing you have to do is check your booking via an IRCTC train enquiry either by phone or online. Or you could also take a bud to Bhubaneswar or Cuttack to explore eastern India and Odisha furthermore.

Take advantage of your stay there and explore this auspicious place to its fullest and let it not just be a fun vacation but a learning experience and absorb all the rich culture and history of this place which is the Holy Grail for Hindus all over India.