Pune is a fast evolving city and one of the newer metropolitans in India. It is a green belt with plenty of attractions to explore within the city and around. The best way to get here is to take a road trip from Mumbai, since the road journey is smooth and pleasant, given the surroundings and greenery. You can also take a flight. Read on to know more.

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Planning a trip to Pune from Mumbai? Set your plans in place and book tickets for Mumbai to Pune flights in advance. Keep an itinerary handy to enjoy the city the best way possible. Pune is a quickly developing as one of the best cities of Maharashtra. Over the time it has turned into a city that is admired by the youth to a great degree. It offers a blend of old and new attractions and many things to explore on excursions. The weather is really pleasant. Pune is also known for its religious and historical aspects. Pune was the capital Shivaji ruled here years ago. The appeal of the past is still obvious in its old structures and a few characteristics of pilgrim impact of the past can be easily noticed as a lot of vacationers come here on history tours.

With regards to the regional culture and traditions, Ganesh Chaturthi is the foremost festival around here which is held with a great deal of energy and social zest. Pune offers numerous spots of attractions for visitors. Aga Khan Palace is a 7-hectare construct that is the landmark appeal of this city. There are sanctuaries and old ruins around Pune. There is the Osho Commune which is thronged by the guests. Not at all like Mumbai, Pune is less crowded and thus it is a flawless destination on any given day. You can certainty enjoy the trip through the entire state and begin it from Mumbai. You can visit the most well known spots. In Pune, there are numerous Hindu temples and you can visit those and offer your prayers. Likewise, you can also look at the surroundings which offer an invigorating caper for nearby outings. Pune is so very much associated with Mumbai that you would think that it is advantageous that the two cities are not far off.

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Pune has many points of attractions too. The city has a zoo, a couple of exhibition halls, gardens, snake park, and numerous tourist and popular attractions. You can trek in the neighboring hills as well. Visitors normally get a kick out of the chance to go on long rides and visit every one of the the spots in and around Pune. When you are done with Pune totally, yet there are numerous other scenic spots to explore, such as Lonavala and Khandala. You can go to these vacation spots and other places along the Western Ghats. Book yourself a nice resort and have a splendid tour.