Hyderabad represents everything modern and historical in plain sight. While the conventional thought of visiting the city may be for sightseeing, this article talks about a visit to one of the best theme parks in India, set not very far from this historic city.

Hyderabad, the former princely state and the city with numerous heritage landmarks, pristine lakes, parks, open green gardens and museum will surprise any first time visitor. Apart from the landmarks, the city is also very well known for its rich cuisine and the delightful shopping experience it provides.

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Hyderabad can be approached by any mean of transport. The most common mode of transport opted by travellers venturing into the city are trains and while people coming in from nearby cities can opt to approach by road, there is also a significantly good amount of people who arrive by flight. Mumbai to Hyderabad flights are one of the top flights that operate in the city.Hyderabad offers a captivating scene of the past, with a lavishly blended social and verifiable custom spreading over 400 brilliant years. Numerous guests never make it past the attractions in Old City, yet you haven’t really seen Hyderabad until you have wandered out into the areas. The city is part into north, west, east and south of the focal region. There are contrasts in society unmistakable all through the city.

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The most conventional choice to visit to Hyderabad may most probably be to visit and go on a sightseeing adventure on its historical sites, however there are also other places near the city that can make your trip to Hyderabad a hell of a memorable one. One of the best ones from the lot being the Mount Opera theme park. Spread over 55 acres of land, this theme is amongst the best in the whole country and is one of the driving force of tourism in Andhra Pradesh. The entry charge for this park is INR150 for the seniour citizens while the other adults are required to shell out INR435 and INR330 for children. The park remains open from 10am to 7pm. You can expect all other popular fair rides in this park from columbus, slam bob, toy train, skating rink, merry-go-round, merry cups, ferris wheel, go karting and much more. Apart from this, Mount Opera Theme Park also offers various indoor games like table tennis, cards, chess, billiards, pool, etc. It also has a live theatre for any event and come sun down you can even party your sock off in this world class theme park. And with all the fun you are having, you will need to refuel yourself for the energy required from all the screaming and running around hence there are numerous stalls all around the park and a few proper restaurants which are naturally more expensive than the food you get at the stalls.

So, loaded with all this information, make sure you set a day or two aside for a visit to this theme park during your next visit to Hyderabad!