Travelling in itself is a wonderful experience, but it is the destination that makes a traveler’s journey even more thrilling. If you are an eager traveler, then visiting exotic destinations will surely be your passion. Across the world, there are a number of stunning monuments and places which have been gifted by Mother Nature or man (early men). As they say, like every good movie everything has to come to an end. And, this is what, that is similar in the case of several exotic destinations that are on the verge of disappearance or are already declared to be finished in a short span of time. Some of these destinations or monuments or places are ending due to man-made causes or global warming, while some are being disintegrated because of inevitable natural causes. In the following write-up, we have mentioned some of the places which you must visit before they disappear as they might not be there after the next ten or fifty years.maldives

The Maldives

Engulfed with sparkling white sandy beaches, palm trees, and bounded by deep blue sea, the Maldives are best known retreat for holidaymakers and lovers. Located in the Indian Ocean, this beautiful island nation is an archipelago which consists of more than 1190 islands and islets. The Maldives are just eight feet above the sea level and therefore are destined to immerse in the seawater in upcoming years because of the global warming and the rising sea level. So, if you have been dreaming to visit this magnificent island nation and not been able to make it, make sure that your next visit will be to Maldives before it gets too late to regret.The Valley of the Kings, Egypt

The Valley of the Kings, Egypt

Also known as the Valley of the Gates of the Kings, it is situated in the Theban Hills in the west part of the Nile (in Egypt). This historical site is one of the most important events in the history of the archeological excavations including the discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamen and many others. Thus, this Valley of Kings attracts a large number of history lovers and archeologists. However, this significant excavation site is in extreme danger because of tourists who tend to ignore rules by using flash photography (who is affecting the paintings), touching, fragile surfaces and a damaging fungus (naturally caused) that may lead to cause serious damage or vanish the valley in the next fifty years.Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Known to be one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice is idyllically located along the shores between the mouths of the PO and Pieve Rivers. This World Heritage Site (the city as a whole) is renowned for its picturesque settings, magnificent architectures; memorable gondola rides in the canals and other artworks. In fact, it is one of the most visited cities in Italy and been called by different names by different people such as, ‘City of Canals’, ‘the City of Bridges’, ‘Floating City’ and much more. Extensively bounded by the sea and other water bodies such as canals and rivers, this city is very much prone to sink in upcoming years. In fact, Venice has long been sinking with frequent floods and increasing water levels. So, before it remains a dream plan a visit to Venice now before it gets too late to enjoy this city’s charm. Visit to book your flight at the lowest price.taj mahal

Apart from the Taj Mahal (One of the Eight wonders of the world) in Agra, India is another architecture which will soon lose its charm due to increasing pollution, which is causing acid rains and weakening the white marble of its outer surface. Besides, its wooden foundation is also being harmed by the under-water birds of the geographical region, which may cause sudden collapse of this majestic monument in upcoming years. So, what are you waiting for? Mark these destinations in your travel book to visit as soon as possible and make the memories of a lifetime.

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