Sydney_AustraliaAustralia has beautiful and cheap places to visit for families and individuals and lovers alike.

Listed below are the 10 most pocket friendly places in Australia.

1. The Great Otway’s national park

This campsite is located near the township of Forrest.

There are no cars visiting the park meaning that it can only be accessed by walking.

The site is sheltered at the banks of the river Barwon near Lake Elizabeth.

Visitors should look out for the elusive platypus.

2. Luna Park – Melbourne

The park is located in Melbourne.

The park ensures that people of all ages can explore and enjoy its many facilities.

Visitors can take rides in the heart stopping and adrenaline pumping roller coaster rides.

You can try your luck in the carnival games.

3. Cobrawonga Island

This is a wildlife haven and camping is permitted all over the Island.

It is located about 16 km south east of Cobram.

This is a remote island and there are no toilet facilities.

Here you will see wallabies, Kangaroos, Koalas. The forest is untouched so will be able to see all sorts of birds like the kingfisher and egrets.

4. Murray River

It is located in the Cobram area and is a popular camping spot

At the Victorian side of the river, the water is shallower because of the natural sandbars.

This is a great site for kids since there is less boat traffic and dogs and campfires are permitted along the river banks and in the park

5. Melbourne Zoo

Here you will get an up close view of the wild encounters.

There are some nice traditional music performances- The Zoo frequently presents the public with new wildlife arrivals

6. 90 Mile beach

This coastline boasts of long sandy beaches.

It is accessible from many areas within the Gippsland town.

It is a perfect place to pitch a tent and enjoy the beautiful beaches.

7. Terrick national park

This park is located north of the township of Mitiamo.

The park offers bush camping and a picnic area with toilet facilities.

Visitors will enjoy the huge granite rocks and climb an easy walk to the top to enjoy the breathtaking 360 degree view of the area in all directions.

It is famed as a bird watchers paradise since the place has more than 100 species of birds.

8. Melbourne Museum

The museum helps you to go through the Australian local history.

Here you can explore and experience the rainforest.

Roller coaster rides are especially enjoyable for kids and adults alike.

You can discover the Koori heritage in the museum

9. Federation Square

In the Australian tradition the fed square is considered the world’s busiest public spaces.

The area is buzzing with daily activities and events.

Here you will find restaurants, cafes and galleries

10. Kinglake national park

This park is located some 10 km north of Kinglake.

It can get very busy during long weekends and summer holidays but it can also be a quiet camping spot.

It comprises a flowing stream, 17 campsites and a starting point for beautiful forest walks and biking.

It is a safe place for children.