Patiala is a highly illustrated city of Punjab. It is located on the south-eastern part of the state and is the headquarter of Patiala district. It is highly noted for being dotted by numerous monumental places and remnants. Visit the old yet modern city to explore its hidden as well as prominent attractions. For lodgings, pick from the best hotels in Patiala. Read more about Patiala – the city of Maharajas and Gharana musicians. patiala tour and travel

Patiala is a major city of Punjab. It is located to the south-east of the state and is one of the largest ones. It is a major educational base with being home to Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Government Medical College, Thapar University, Punjab University, and National Institute of Sports. It is also significant politically as it is the stronghold of Indian National Congress and the headquarters of Patiala district. Distinctively noted for its juvenile way of life the city is most noted for the Turban, Patiala Salwar, Paranada  which is an accessory for women, and most significantly Patiala Peg, which is a measure of liquor. The whole city is built around the Qila Mubarak also meaning the Fortunate Castle and the founders of the place are said to be two friends, a Sidhu Sikh Jat and a Muslim Dogar. It is believed that Baba Ala Singh and Sardar Lakhna founded the city in 1763.patiala travel attraction

Today, the city is one the most picked destinations for a memorable vacation in central and western India. The hotels in Patiala are known to offer a satisfactory stay with many of them being reasonably priced. Patiala is bestowed with a long and checkered history. It is said that there were once ten gates and multiple ramparts that were built by Maharaja Narendra Singh in order to fortify the place. The main gates included: Darshani gate, Sheranwala gate, Nabha gate, Lahori gate, Safabadi gate, and Top Khana gate. Today, the place is dotted by several significant remnants of the past. It is to explore the old monumental places that today travellers from all over India arrive in the city in large in patiala

Qila Mubarak Complex – It is one of the oldest and largest monumental structures of the city. It stands on a 10-acre land right at the heart of the city. Until the construction of Old Moti Bagh Palace the fort complex used to be the prime residence of the royals of Patiala. It is home to some of the major sightseeing attractions of the place. These include: the main palace called Qila Androon, the guesthouse, and the Durbar hall. The main entrance is a large imposing gate which is simply grand. Besides, there are ten unique and lavish courtyards decorated in detail with gilt and mirror. On the outside of the complex there is a revered Shiva Temple. Additionally, today the spot is a major shopping destination. There is a long streak of roadside stalls and hawkers that runs around the qila. The favorite commodities picked by tourists being jootis, precious ornaments, parandis, and hand-woven fabrics.

Sheesh Mahal –sheesh mahal patiala

It is one of the most noted structures of the city and was built in the 19th Century. Literally meaning the palace of mirrors the palace is a fine combination of artistry, time, and labor. There is a beautiful lake in front of the palace and a bridge built across it. The bridge is called Lakshman Jhula and has been inspired from the bridge in Rishikesh with same name.

The other significant attractions of that remain busy with tourists almost throughout the year include: Temple Kali Mata Ji, Fun world, Baradari Gardens, Panj Bali Gurdwara, Omaxe Mall, Mall Road, Ijlas-e Khas, Maiji Di Sarai, Rang Mahal and Sheesh Mahal, Rajindera Kothi, and Qila Bahadurgarh.