A small hill-town, Dalhousie is an excellent destination for all. Have a great holiday while exploring and experiencing Dalhousie tourism and its attraction.

India takes its pride in the wonderful hill stations that it houses. Among them is Dalhousie, which is a small toy-town located in the alluring regions of Himachal Pradesh. Best known for its panoramic views, stretching thick forests, stars filled sky, colorful houses, small lively markets, charming cottages, and churches etc. The place is a solitude to any traveler. It is simply a must visit tourist destination that ensures of fun, relaxing, and memorable holiday.dalhousie tour

As far as tourism is in consideration, it is one hundred percent tourist town replete of several tourism attractions. It is a welcoming destination for nature lovers, honeymooners, and people seeking excellent opportunities to indulge in several outdoor activities. The weather here is usually cool, hence is a perfect summer retreat for many. Except in winter, the city remains ideal for exploration of Dalhousie tourism in all other seasons.

The place is excellent for people looking to de-stress, and those who like quiet-serene atmosphere. Unlike its neighboring hill stations, namely Simla and Dharamshala, this toy-town is not stuffed with the tourists. Being in the town gives one plenty of time to see, do, and experience the tourism in the town. Additionally, it also gives one the opportunity to spend some time with himself. Even today, the town is very much of its erstwhile state. Meaning that it hasn’t quite caught up with the rest of the nation, and modernization is yet to be seen in the town. Still, there is no shortage of cool things to do and interesting places to visit in Dalhousie. A couple of places in the town worth checking out include: Khajjiar, Alah Water Tank, Ganji Pahadi, Kalatop wildlife sanctuary, Subhash Chowk, and Church at G.P.O.dalhousie attraction

The place is a bliss for the adventure buff, explorers, and nature lovers. It is an absolute destination for picnics, treks, long walks, and other outdoor activities. The place is widely known for its high mountain ranges and great valleys. Travellers in the city most like to indulge into paragliding, horse riding, boating, zorbing, and trekking. Besides, checking out the local street markets and shopping complexes is also quite popular among them. The Tibetan market is one popular market in the town. It is run by Tibetans and consists of all types of knick knacks, toys, and electronics. The town is also popular for the carpets, woolen clothing, and other handicrafts.dalhousie travel

Being in the this heavenly town is also a fruitful opportunity to taste the appetizing culinary cuisine. There are certain excellent places to dine, that are dotted in different parts of the town. The best ones are usually in the hotels in Dalhousie. Other than these, there are some good restaurants located at G.P.O. They are not sophisticated but do serve excellent Indian and Pan-Asian cuisines.

In short, if you are in search of an interesting and fun way to spend your holidays, then this the city for you. There are no doubts that one will have a great time spending holidays in this little piece of heaven.

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