Christmas is an event celebrated with religious fervour on 25th of December each year by more than a billion people belonging to the Christianity around the globe. According to Christian beliefs, Jesus Christ was born on this day. So, it is observed as a happy holiday because in Christianity, it is believed that Jesus Christ came to save people from devil and helped them repent. People enjoy these holidays by going to different places to add spice to the flavour.

There is no denying the fact that a lovely place is going to add to the beauty and excitement for Christmas celebration. Indeed, a beautiful destination for the celebration of Christmas offers benefits more than you can shake a stick at.

Christmas is just around the corner this year. We have drawn up a list of most beautiful destinations for Christmas celebration. Give this list a once over with a fine tooth comb and celebrate the Christmas in a way you never did.

1  New York City, USA

New York City, USABeyond the shadow of a doubt, you might be aware of Christmas mood in this beautiful city thanks to numerous Hollywood movies. This is another very beautiful destination for Christmas celebration. Huge number of tourists visit New York each year to celebrate Christmas with family and friends. Every year in the start of December, world’s tallest Christmas tree is lit at the Rockefeller Centre. The tradition of decorating this tree is quite old since 1931.

Whoa, amazing, isn’t it? Checking out for the window displays in New York’s biggest departmental stores, ice skating and horse-drawn ride is a must. Unequivocally, you will dive in a world of excitement in New York.

2       Manali, India

Manali, IndiaIf you are up for a White Christmas, then Manali is the dream destination. Manali is hill station in northern India which is in limelight for the beauty it possesses. During December, snow covers the entire Manali and it becomes the ideal place for those who pin their hopes on White Christmas.

Backpackers can enjoy skiing and playing in the snow during the Christmas time every year. The log huts coupled with the white snow in the Christmas time adds to the beauty of this terrific hill station. The food out there is mouth-watering. Overall, Manali is a magical place especially for Christmas celebration. Be that as it may, arrange for the accommodation prior to your arrival as there are a hell lot of tourist visit this resort during December.

3       Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, EstoniaTallinn, the capital city of Estonia is one of most renowned Christmas celebration destinations. A huge number of people visit this beautiful place every Christmas. This place was declared a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site back in 1997 because of the reason that this city has got a lot of medieval structures and it did everything to preserve all these heritage sites beautifully. Also nicknamed “the medieval pearl of Europe”, Tallinn is a bee’s knees for metrosexuals. You can witness a bunch of cafes, amazing street lights, sensationally beautiful houses and the show puts the cherry on top in Christmas season. Yes, you heard it right. White Christmas, Vola!

4       Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, SpainBarcelona, Spain is another beautiful place for Christmas celebration. This heart of Catalonia happens to be an amazing city and has a bunch of things to do at Christmas comprising Christmas fairs, concerts, nativity scenes, Christmas markets and so on.

Whole city is lit up with bright lights for Christmas and you will leave a piece of your heart out there. It’s indubitably the incredible scene for every eye pinning its hopes on tremendous lightening. Picturesque sculptures reflecting Catalan culture and a few off-the-beaten-path bars of the city will also hit the nail on the head.

Each year, a plenty of classical, gospel and ballet Christmas concerts held in December in Barcelona. The top of the line is the phenomenal performances of Handel’s Messiah at the Basílica de Santa María Del Mar church. You will be lending your eyes to awe-inspiring lights down the streets covering almost 100km of distance.

5       Bath, England

Bath, EnglandBath is the only city of United Kingdom that has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This city is in limelight from decades due to the magic it possesses in its air. If you are a kind of metrosexual, then this place is second to none for you. Move to South Gate Bath if you are up for an exquisite Christmas late night shopping experience. Head to the Christmas market to purchase handmade English crafts and trinkets.

In Christmas season, the city folds itself in white snow so it’d be a great idea to practice your ice skating skills out there. Throughout the Christmas season, there are a lot of Holiday programs such as operas, musicals, concerts and plays performed at Bath’s Theatre Royal. That’s astonishing, isn’t it?

6          Bondi Beach, Australia

Bondi Beach, AustraliaBondi Beach is one of the busiest beaches in Australia and is a perfect destination for Christmas celebration. This beach receives astonishing no. of travellers from all over the world each year on the eve of Christmas. If you want to be thrown in a dream environment with the wish to spend Christmas under the scorching sun, head to Bondi Beach, Australia.

You can check out the party which is held in the Pavilion, with DJs, bars, entertainment and cuisines to rock yourself up throughout the day. Well-nigh, four thousand travellers pay a call on this beach every Christmas. You can spot people with big smiles on their faces wearing Santa hats, beach towels and thongs. Just happiness all around. Vola!

7       Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, MassachusettsThere is no denying the fact that Christmas in England is celebrated with zeal and zest and what else backpackers want? And if you spend a moment just talking about the Boston, its well-decorated streets and trees wrapped in magical white lights are the reason why it has always been the centre of attention.

Don’t skip witnessing the Christmas tree located right in front of Faneuil Hall, where 350000 LED lights flash up to enhance the beauty of this place. You can also enjoy the mouth-watering holiday dinner at different restaurants of the city. Boston turns into a wonderland of lights and decorations on the eve of Christmas. What are you thinking then?

8       Valletta, Malta

Valletta, MaltaChristmas is one of the most celebrated events in Malta in which natives take great part. The churches are beautifully decorated with lights and almost everyone visits.

Locals leave their shutters, windows and even garages open to show off their holy cribs confections to the visitors. Mesmerizing holiday lights and Christmas shows add to the beauty of this amazing place. Christmas in Malta commonly referred to as Il-Milied and it is the time of great celebration all over.

If you specifically talk about Valletta, it’ located near airport. It’s a beautiful city with a plenty of malls, restaurants, cafés, bars and bistros and indubitably a perfect destination for Christmas celebration. The lighting in Christmas is something this city is in limelight for from decades. It is recommended to stay there till New Year’s Eve so that you can get your hands on the biggest street party of the year with music, food, drink, live performances and much more.

9       Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, BelgiumNow, here the excitement game begins. If you are laying your eyes on a wonderful and enthusiastic Christmas celebration experience. In Bruges, you will find everything you might expect from a European Christmas i.e. market stuffed with local cuisine and drinks, tremendous lightning around and a stunning ice rink. Everything is just right there, Bang on!

10       Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, IllinoisChicago is the perfect destination for you if you are a shopping bee and a foodie too. You can settle you hunger for food by making use of all the international cuisines offered at the local hotels and restaurants. Lightning down the streets is astonishing and you’ll leave a piece of your heart there after your first visit. There are plenty of markets to satisfy your sense of metro sexuality. Absolutely terrific, isn’t it?

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11       Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, DenmarkCopenhagen is another picturesque destination for Christmas celebration. There are a bunch of entertainment and leisure activities one can do there throughout the year. Be that as it may, when it comes to Christmas, this place holds an idyllic status. You can get handmade Christmas gifts from the markets while enjoying hot drinks and sweets.

12     Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, ScotlandEdinburgh, the hilly capital city of Scotland is another magical Christmas destination. From a gloomy medieval Scottish capital, Edinburgh transforms into a giant cheerful and lively Christmas Market during Christmas. And you know the most beautiful thing about this place? It’s the whole city centre turns into a big Christmas market, whoa. Edinburgh Christmas market has got a lot of bells and whistles. That being said, ice-skating rink, huge Ferries wheel, amazing atmosphere, picturesque scenery and so on. Absolutely appealing.

13      Lapland, Finland

Lapland, FinlandYou might have heard about the famous fantasy that Santa lives in Finland. It is believed that Father Christmas or Santa Claus lives in the Lapland, Finland. Lapland is a winter wonderland with temperatures falling to as low as -45C. You can put the cherry on the top by munching on the Finnish karjalanpiirakka pies. And don’t forget to visit Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi. Isn’t it magnificent?

14       Leavenworth, Washington

Leavenworth, WashingtonLeavenworth is very sensational Christmas destination one should pay a call on. Situated in the Cascade Mountains of central Washington State, this place becomes the host of thousands of lighting Festival lovers each Christmas. Each Christmas, A Christmas Lighting Festival is held in the Bavarian-style village with incredible lighting, music, carollers and food.

15       Manila, Philippines

Manila, PhilippinesIt might seem a bit astonishing to you that Philippines has the dragged-out holiday season in the world, beginning in September. That being the case, the holiday season of Christmas in Philippines is full of excitement. It becomes bees knees for the metrosexuals as the city malls and markets come up with terrific shopping experience with considerable discounts. Churches full of people and outdoor concerts all over the city is the speciality of Manila. All the festivities keep going on as long as January 9.

16       McAdenville, North Carolina

McAdenville, North CarolinaThe North Caroline town is commonly known as Christmas Town USA. Nearly 450,000 lights and 375 trees decorate the beautiful town each December. This town gets approximately 600,000 travellers from around the world each Christmas.

In order to double up the excitement, the first 1000 backpackers receive free Kettle corn and hot chocolate. Entire town turns into colourful scenery. The nearby lake is lined with 33 trees, each Christmas. Still and all, North Carolina is the ideal destination for Christmas celebration.

17       Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech RepublicSnow-capped streets and beautiful lighting around gives a new life to the Gothic architecture of Prague. The Old Town Square is worth visiting during Christmas, where nativity scene featuring a live stable with goats, donkeys and sheep make you live the serenity in-depth.

The remaining job is done by the famous Christmas market of Prague which allows you to buy handmade ornaments and gifts plus finger-licking cuisine including mulled wine, roasted ham, traditional trdelník and much more.

18       Riga, Latvia

Riga, LatviaChristmas in Latvia means diving in to the world of thrilling sensation. Chain restaurants down the city serve thanksgiving dinners. You can check out Latvian holiday traditions comprising log dragging, Latvian stitch craft and seasonal cooking. Children out there love riding horse-drawn carriages or ponies and so will you. Whether you visit Latvia or not, Christmas in Latvia remains absolutely marvellous.

19       Rome, Italy

Rome, ItalyIf you are making up your mind about spending Christmas holidays in Rome, then pay a visit to the midnight mass at ST. Peter’s Basilica. Rome is home to the Catholic Church and St. Peter’s square where Pope gives his yearly speech. There are a bunch of Christmas markets to satisfy your hunger for shopping and the lights of the Roman city centre makes you leave your soul down the streets right away.

20       Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, JapanTokyo is renowned for performing the best illuminations in the world during Christmas. Drop dead gorgeous show of lights in the Starlight Garden coupled with thousands of blue illuminated LED lights at Ao no Dokutsu make this place a wonderland. Each year, thousands of travellers visit this city to celebrate Christmas, and you should be one of them soon.

So, which of the aforementioned places you are going to give a hand on this Christmas?

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