Whenever we want to evade from the conventional and run someplace wild and rugged, we go to Himalaya. The spectacular snow-covered mountain tops, fascinating alpine meadows, gurgling waterfalls and flowing rivulets are spread all across the vast Himalaya range. The heavenly beauty of this place, the sheer tranquility and adventurous activities make it a perfect location for an adventure. Many travelers come to here to test their limits and do sports they’ve never done before, or just relish in the serenity, visit the sacred shrines and feel the spiritual vibe of the Hindu and Buddhist religions. Himalaya is perfect for athrilling getaway because it has all the ingredients necessary to keep travelers engaged and hooked on the scenery.


Jammu & Kashmir, Leh& Ladakh

Located in the northern part of Himalaya, Leh is Ladakh’s capital and it is located in the Jammu & Kashmir state. The stunning landscapes, rich natural beauty, and spectacular Buddhist monasteries convert Leh into an ideal destination for those looking to connect more with nature. Apart from holiday and nature seekers, Leh prides with lots of adventurous activities. Mountain climbing, trekking and biking are just some of the activities one can enjoy while here.

One of the best off-the-beaten path attractions in Ladakh is Suru Valley, in Kargil district. The fertile valleys of the region and captivating vista of several Himalayan peaks seem even more breathtaking in this region. The valley is populated with apricot and apple trees, and blooming orchards in spring. The tranquility and unmatched beauty leave tourists mesmerized, and the warmth of the people and cozy lodging places will make your journey memorable.

Another place worth exploring in Ladakh is Nubra Valley, which is located at 150 km from the city of Leh. Blessed with incredible natural beauty and surrounded by abrupt mountains, the valley is hands-down Himalaya’s most soothing and beautiful high-altitude valleys. The sand dunes spread all over the place make Nubra Valley an excellent destination for a thrilling safari experience.

malana himachal

Malana, Himachal Pradesh

Malana is a self-contained village positioned along Parvati Valley, close to Kullu in Himachal Pradesh. Once completely isolated, the village is a thrilling trekking destination famous for its marijuana business and malana cream. In spite of the fact the locals are not very welcoming with strangers, trekkers will surely find this place intriguing. Malana has its own jurisdictions and laws, and although the people are very strict with outsiders it’s still worth a visit. Those eager to explore the premises should know that the only accommodation facilities in the areacan be found outside the village. The tranquility of the place and extreme peace and solace make Melana an off-the-beaten path attraction in the Himalayas with a lot of potential.


Andretta, Himachal Pradesh

Another village worth checking out in Himachal Pradesh is Andretta in the Kangra district. Perfect for travelers who want to take a break from hiking, Andretta offers breathtaking views of the Dhauladhar range. Untouched by urbanization, the village is better known as a local learning center for craft making and pottery. Art lovers will find it quite interesting; mountaineers can even lodge in the area, and spend more time with the locals to learn the tricks of the pottery trade. Bird watching medication, nature walks and admiring the sights are main things you can do in Andretta. Several other incredible attractions you cannot miss out in Himachal Pradesh are Spiti Valley, Tirthan Valley, and Kasol.

Borong, South Sikkim

Borong is positioned on the south side of Sikkim, and it is an excellent travel destination for those hunting for peace and tranquility. Enjoy the most relaxing trip to Himalaya and relish in Borong’s natural beauties. Stunning views of Mt. Kanchenjunga can be admired from this place, as well as heaps of colorful mountain flowers. The soothing birds, aroma of the fresh mountain air and rejuvenating vibes will make your journey truly unforgettable. Major tourist attractions in the area are the Borong Hot Water Springs and Ralong Monastery, so make sure to include them in your itinerary as well.

Himalaya is packed with many wonderful lesser known destinations. Some of them are secluded from the world, so to get a glimpse you may have to dig a little deeper. Himalaya is rewarding, unique and wild. Pack your bags and prepare for a trip of a lifetime!