Krakow Guide – An Unexpected Southern Atmosphere

Anyone who has been to the Greek islands, Italy or Spain knows that the warm climate has an effect of the lifestyles in those places. Life moves little more slowly, celebrations are a little louder, the food tastes a little better and the air is a little fresher. You might be surprised to learn that, despite being far from the Mediterranean, Krakow shares elements of the atmosphere of that part of Europe. Sceptical? Read on!

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The atmosphere of an ancient city with a Krakow Guide

As one of the oldest cities in Poland, Krakow is surrounded by a long, rich history. Any walk through the city center will make this obvious and buildings likes the Romanesque Church of St. Andrew are testimony to the city’s thousand year history. The Benedictine Abbey at Tyniec, Wawel Hill and the streets of the Old Town also speak to the long and glorious history of the cultural heart of the country.

The old Jewish District of Kazmierz is another utterly unique window into another world and adds a touch of the exotic to any visit. Today, the annual Jewish Cultural Festival fills the streets of Kazimierz with colorful crowds and the sounds of klezmer music fills the air.

In the summertime, the parks of Krakow explode with lush greenery, crowds are drawn to the riverbanks and the city takes on a carefree charm that you just have to experience for yourself.

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Krakow Sightseeing – A city full of people who know how to have fun

There’s a good reason why Krakow is famous for its ridiculous number of cafes, pubs, bars and other hangouts. Krakowians like to spend time with friends over a drink or two and any time is a good time to meet. Just as in locations much further south, Krakow likes to celebrate the social side of life. Part of this is Krakow’s status as a major university town full of students but it’s also the result of the strong artistic and intellectual community and their love of the night life.

The residents of Krakow are not only eager to join up for a night out, but they are masters at transforming every imaginable space into outdoor garden cafes when the weather makes it more fun to sit outside. Don’t be surprised when you turn a corner to find lively conversations going on over tables set up in a courtyard or little nook in the city center. Also, don’t be surprised when you find one late into the early morning hours…

No matter what your taste or style, there are probably ten or more places in Krakow that are furnished and decorated in just the way to make you feel like it was designed for you. Any visitor to Krakow is spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a place to sit down and relax with a drink and a friend. The number and kind of restaurants has also dramatically increased in the last few years and you are sure to find whatever you’re looking for an probably a few things you never expected.

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The Mediterranean Comes to Krakow for tours!

What about visitors to Krakow from the warmer climes of Europe? What do they think? Well, you will probably have a chance to ask them yourself since the popularity of Krakow among visitors from places like Spain and Italy has skyrocketed. They are drawn not only by the beauty of the city and its exceptional history and atmosphere, but also by the high level of tourist services and low cost. We have been working as guides in Krakow for many years and the increase in the number of tourists from our southern neighbors is very noticable – more proof that word is getting around that you really have to see Krakow for yourself!

Not only is the Mediterranean coming to Krakow, but Krakow is moving closer to the Mediterranean. You can now find extensive and detailed information about Krakow online in Spanish, at sites like Krakow Guide. As you can see, arranging a Krakow guide in Spanish or one of many other languages is easy – you’ll even find much of the tourist infrastructure in Krakow accessible in Spanish too!

If you’re curious to see and feel the atmosphere of Southern Europe in the heart of Poland, it’s time to start planning your holiday today. Bring along your Spanish and Italian friends too and you’ll see that they will feel right at home. Vamanos!