Remember being a kid and hating going shopping with your mom? She rips you out of bed on a Saturday to take you to the grocery store. You just follow her around while she goes down each aisle grabbing whatever grub is needed for the week and telling you no to every suggestion you make as to what she should buy. If you were sneaky and smart enough you were one of those kids that would hide some candy underneath the pile of items in the cart in the hopes that she wouldn’t notice during checkout. Those were the days.

In my opinion, the worst was clothes shopping. I hated it. My mom would take me places like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Kohls. It was typically a twice of year thing. Once around the beginning of the year and once before school started when everything was marked down. She would drag me along to these places and force me to try on ten different pairs of pants. I never cared for style. Catholic school kids had uniforms that were worn every day so I wore a white polo, navy blue slacks, and black dress shoes for the majority of my adolescence. That kind of culture squeezes any sort of fashion sense out of you. All you know is what you wear during the day and then you have a couple of weekend or after school outfits that you wear amongst friends. In retrospect, Catholic school probably saves parents some decent money on clothing since the kids wear the same darn thing every day. Anyways, that didn’t last long. Once Catholic school ends and you’re thrust back into mainstream society you need to find a fashion sense, and you need to do it fast. If it were around while I was a kid, I would have grabbed some of these Groupon coupons for Jimmy Jazz and loaded up on some dope threads. It wasn’t around, though. How sad. Instead, I was stuck wandering the aisles of Kohls with mom, praying that the day would soon be over and I could hit up those Gushers I snuck in the cart earlier that da