Jerusalem is one of the oldest and largest cities in Israel both in terms of population and size. The city of Jerusalem is famous as the holiest city of the world for the three major religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Visitors all across the world make Jerusalem tours to visit the holy places and visit the museums housing unique kind of treasures and arts, archaeological findings and fabulous art pieces. Jerusalem has much to offer like any major city of the world and offers best vacation in Israel.

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Historical Jerusalem tours

In the heart of Jerusalem is the Old city which is surrounded by a historical wall and is divided into 4 quarters which are Jewish, Christian, Armenian and Muslim. This city is the bastion of all which is old and new and your Jerusalem tours will help you to meet a perfect blend of past and future times while you are on your vacation in Israel. Inside these walls are the important holy sites related to the three main religions. These include the famous Western Wall which is the holy site for the Jews, The Church of holy Sepulchre and the Dome of Rock on the temple Mount. Millions of worshippers visit the Western Wall plaza every year and at the base of this holy wall there is a remnant of the Holy temple.

Surrounding the Western wall there are a number of popular Jewish sites which is Western Wall Tunnels, Davidson Center, David’s Citadel and the Jewish Quarter. To the south of the old City lies the City of David from where the Israelite Jerusalem grew. This is a fantastic site where you can find amazing sites providing unforgettable experience to your vacation in Israel.

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Christian Quarter

Christianity finds a very important place in the city of Jerusalem as Jesus Christ lived and died here. There are more than 40 religious buildings here in the Christian Quarter here consisting of churches, monasteries and pilgrim hostels. One of the most important sites is the Via Dolorosa in the Christian Quarter which was the final path of Jesus and is called the ‘Way of Sorrows’. A number of pilgrims make Jerusalem tours to follow this holly path every year. Several important Christian relics are housed in the church of Holy Sepulchre which includes the anointing stone where Jesus’s body was laid before his burial and the grave of Jesus. This church is the most important pilgrimage site for millions of Christians from every part of the world.

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Other sites to visit on your vacation in Israel

Jerusalem has many places apart from holy sites throughout the old city and your vacation in Israel becomes the best here. There are several charming sites which are worth visiting. There are wonderful markets and you can buy Armenian Style ceramics, beautiful string beads, authentic clothing, embroidered cushions, candles, glassware and many more. The Armenian Quarter has unique charm and is the place worth visiting. And this is not all. The New City of Jerusalem has many interesting and unique sites which you can’t miss in your Jerusalem tours.