The open road of the Australian Outback offers some of the most amazing natural attractions in the world. Before you head out on your adventure, it’s best to get yourself and your car ready for the journey.

Check out some tips for how to prepare for an Australian Outback road trip below.

Plan Your Route

Take your time and plan out your route. Researching your route thoroughly will help you to avoid any mishaps or wrong turns along the way – but don’t forget to leave yourself a day or two for spontaneous adventures! When deciding your route, choose the attractions and places you would like to visit and plot out the safest route that connects them. The roads in Australia can be dangerous in rural areas and road laws can vary from state to state. To avoid getting caught out, read up on your road safety before you set off.

Service Your Car

Whether you’re taking your own or hiring a car, don’t risk not getting it looked at before you set off. There are things you can check yourself, such as making sure that the oil and filter have been recently changed, all water reservoirs are full and your tyres are in good condition. However, a full car servicing will put your mind at rest before the big trip.

Learn The Basics

The Outback can be testy terrain for unseasoned drivers. Make sure that you study the basics of car maintenance first so that you are prepared in an emergency. Learning how to change your tyres, check your suspension and understanding how to check your car battery for damage will help you on the journey. Download or print a user manual for your car so you can refer back to it if you need to.

Collect Supplies

Once you have your car covered you can start to pack all of the practical items for your road trip. Research what items will be most helpful if the worst should happen and make sure you have good car insurance in case your car breaks down.

Some good examples of practical supplies for your road trip are:

  • First aid kit
  • Spare tyres
  • Extra oil
  • Extra canteen of water
  • Spare fuses
  • Duct tape
  • WD40 or equivalent

After you have packed the essentials you can start thinking about food and entertainment for the trip. However, avoid over packing your vehicle. An over packed vehicle will impact on how it handles – this is especially true with four wheel drives. Make sure when you are packing you pack light and keep your items centrally located.

Check The Map

Once you have planned your route, be sure to bring a map with you. Plotting out your route on a physical map can help you to visualise your route and save you from getting lost in the desert plains of the Outback. You can also download the map of your chosen route to your phone and use the GPS feature to keep you on track.