Like Shahrukh Khan had once said that ‘Pyaar ek hi baar hota hai’, so we say that ‘honeymoon bhi ek hi baar hota hai’. Since your honeymoon is a one-time affair with lifelong memories, why not make this trip the most daring, romantic and ultra-special? You can now find yourself in the charming islands of Seychelles. This nation, framed out of 115 tiny islands, in the heart of the Indian Ocean is a perfect getaway for a romantic odyssey.kuch kuch hota hai

Seychelles is that place which can make you feel like a castaway. With scanty population, open azure skies, oodles of greenery and the soft whispering sea waves around you, it will be one helluva honeymoon, we tell you. You get to saunter around in teeny weenie clothes at the sun-drenched beaches (Anse Major beach on Mahe island is our top recommendation), you can take a jog into the jungles and try spotting the rare birds, you can go for a hike in the mountains and the moors (a la the Famous Five), you can explore the towns and photograph the archaic buildings and landmarks, and, of course, you can eat several new and never-eaten-before dishes.

Under special holiday packages, you can stay at the best hotels in Seychelles and make merry under the sheets. Once out in the sun, you can soak in the laid back nature of the islands and get reminded of the Agatha Christie novel ‘Evil under the Sun’ where a murder took place in one such island resort. With a honeymoon package abroad,

The capital Victoria is an interesting city which has a pretty charming 18th Century look. Its quiet and genteel streets offer a vignette of the bygone decades. The Miniature clock tower (which is standing since 1903) is a hot tourist attraction. Do snuggle up before this tower and show us your photos! Victoria Market is also a great place to shop around and gather some souvenirs.Honeymoon Package Abroad

There are plenty of museums and art galleries as well- just the kind which can make your day. Eden Art Gallery, Eustanche Sarde’s House, Colbert Nourrice Studio, Camarts Gallery and Carrefour des Arts are some top draws.

Since the islands are nothing but forests and seas with a little bit of concrete thrown around, you get a number of natural reserves and wildlife parks. Aride Island Nature Reserve, Cousin Island Special Reserve and Curieuse Marine National Park are just a handful of the several natural gems of the country.

So, are you booking your special holiday packages for Seychelles and do we wheedle you more?