If you can afford it and love to travel, going to the Himalayas is compulsory.  There are many places to visit and beautiful scenes to see. It is the equivalent to a religious pilgrimage. While all landscapes are unique, you can be certain you have not seen anything like the Himalayas. There is always the potential to go for a hike almost everywhere you visit. Streams of water there flow from side to side, and there are sheep grazing on the grass around the streams. Everything is peaceful and serene. Even stray dogs and cows do not disturb.

Best sunrise and sunset

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If you love nature, then you no doubt love seeing how the horizon changes during a sunrise or a sunset. The orange color that engulfs the sky is something out of this world. It is one of those moments where you can draw inspirations. Once you have had the courage to hike all the way to the top of the mountain, you get a 360 angle view of the scenery. You get to enjoy not just the changes of color in the sky but the way the sun rays reflect on the snow-capped mountains all around you. It is a perfect place to take images of the sunset and maybe a selfie of yourself experiencing the moment.

You get significantly humbled by the Paharis people

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The Pahari people are individuals who live at the top of the mountains. They do not drive cars, so they mostly walk everywhere. They are also very fast at walking because they are used to it. They are incredibly fit and light and can move at almost three times your speed. They grow their food and plan their stock. Despite the hardships they endure and the life they lead, they are very hospitable, honest and generous people. They are willing to host anyone who needs it and will also offer you the little food they have without any expectations.

It teaches you how to stay humble, how to appreciate what you have and help others regardless of what you may think of them. They also show you that a little nature every day helps keep you happy and relaxed.


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Forget the gym, by a pair of sneakers, and go to the Himalayas. You will be hiking to mountain peaks where not even bicycles can go. It will be you, your feet and nature. The best part is that you can go for a few days or months. It will be a great exercise for your body. You may start with a bristle walk and move on to a faster pace. The best part is that you can choose to walk all day or for several hours each day. You will have no trainer, so you have to know your limit. You get to build your muscles and enjoy nature all for free.  The trails are bound to harden you. However, you should also watch what you eat. You will find some unusual delicacies in the Himalayas, and if you want a healthy, well-toned body, you will have to prevent yourself from overeating.


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Experiencing other people’s cultures is always amazing.  In the Himalayas, you will notice the excellent care and attention to details the Sherpa hosts take in making sure they do everything perfectly. The people are friendly, and they love sharing their homes and providing meals to strangers. It may be their way of giving back to nature or perhaps they know that one-day karma will repay them for their hospitality.



There are very many stars in the sky in the Himalayas. If you live in New York City luxury holidays in the Himalayas may help you appreciate a sky filled with stars at night. You may choose to camp out and just experience the beautiful things nature has to offer.



If you are thinking of going green and buying eco- friendly items for your home, visiting the Himalayas will put things into perspective. You will finally understand what parts of nature are most affected by pollution. You will, therefore, begin the process with more conviction and determination.