When it is about traveling to Cologne in Germany, you have many varied options within you can choose for your stay, one important tip is either ask your travel agency or, look by trip website about the right and best-suited place for you, since you can choose between 5 alternatives of stay types, is good to know exactly what are you looking for to enjoy your journey, you can choose special hotel for groups, when you are travelling with work fellows or friends from university for example, also you have the youth hostels, more well-suited for backpackers or people who is travelling by several countries and is looking for the cheapest option. In addition, you can choose also camp-sites well-equipped with all you need to enjoy and, conference hotels, special designed if you are in a business trip.
Whatever you choose, Cologne or Koln Bonn airport, both are ready to ensure you will feel more than comfortable, another important tip for you is to rent a car since these airports are specially designed to connect you with the main highways and in a few minutes you can reach either of both sides of the city. Once you arrive here, you have to go to the ensign place of Cologne, the Cologne Cathedral which is the most visited attraction. If you want culture, is highly recommended for you to go one of as many as you can of the highly diversified museums this city has for you. Another place you can enjoy is the Cologne Opera, which offers productions that are outstanding for art and music lovers, as the Cologne Philharmonic Hall as well.

So far I have recommended you what to do when you arrive to the airport, where to stay, where to go the first days to know the culture and traditions of this city, but now is time to take a look at the modern side of Cologne, an important tip for you is to go to Rheinauhafen district, this is a young and attractive place on the seaside, which has become of the most popular attractions. Moreover, I am sure you would like to enjoy a quiet day with your friends or your couple or family, you can’t leave to come to the Greater Cologne, ideal for a bike or walking journey and take a break from the city. Furthermore, the Cologne Zoo is another place you need to know to appreciate all the animal species from all continents that this place have here for you.

There are many tips and information you should know but don’t let me tell you everything, visit now http://www.cologneairport.net/ and find out all the information you need to know about this amazing city which has everything to ensure you will enjoy your journey since the first minute. Remember, from the Koln Bonn airport you have a good choice too, this is an old but young spirit city, this is the time to feel and experience what you were looking for a long time, it is your time!

Author Bio: This article is written by Chirsty Wilson. She contributed her experience through blogging. In this article she guides her readers about health issues during travel. Christy is currently working at Koln Bonn airport and she loves to guide people about how to enjoy travel services.

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