Exploring Himalaya is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so if you have the chance to go, don’t hesitate! Choose your season, create the perfect route and let the adventure begin. The fabulous mountain range is the most spectacular in the world, and you’ll be able to explore places you might never see before. Located between India and Tibet, Himalaya covers fascinating territories such as India, China and Nepal. All of them hide amazing travel destinations. Go back into the wild and travel the gorgeous Himalayas to see some of the world’s wildest places of interest.

Himalayan River Valley


Home to several of the world’s longest and most imposing rivers, Himalaya prides with spectacular scenery. Indus, Ganges and Tsangpo-Brahmaputra are just three of the most beautiful. All of them rise near a region called the Greater Mount Kailash. A trek in this area will introduce you to landscapes you’ve never seen before, especially in the summer and spring.

Lake Rakshastal and Manasarowar are India’s two main sources of water. The region is sacred, and it is mostly dedicated to three major religions – Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. The Himalaya River Valley has breathtaking views of the Himalayan foothills. Onsite, you have the highest chances of admiring the Valley of the Flowers Park too, as well as cladded mountain tops, and wild animal herds.

Himalayan Mountain Passes


Himalaya prides with several amazing treks, starting from the easiest and most accessible all the way to the most challenging. The high altitude mountain passes in particular, are in the great Himalaya range. However, since it involves trekking and hiking at over 5,000m altitude, these are only recommended if you’re experienced. The Chang La Pass has a fundamental role in the region’s travel, war, trading and migration history, whereas the Mana Pass is the world’s highest elevation road.


darjeeling tour and travel

A lot of people already know about Darjeeling. It is a superb travel destination located in West Bengal. Famous for its rocky cliffs, sheer natural beauty and surreal towns, Darjeeling is a must-see. The world heritage site has several sites you can’t miss out. Rock Gardens is just one of the. The wildness of this region and the blue horizon will make your trip quite memorable. Onsite travelers will also stumble upon numerous Tibetan and Buddhist monasteries; the locals are welcoming and adventurous, so if you have the chance don’t skip out on kayaking and rafting. From the monasteries, you’ll have a clear glimpse of Himalaya’s finest mountain tops, including Everest, Lhotse, Makalu and Kanchenjunga.


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Located in the region of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh is considered one of the most beautiful in the Indian Himalayas. The terrain is rugged yet appealing, and the Tibetan culture is spread everywhere. All along the arid hillsides you’ll have the chance to admire the whitewashed Buddhist “gompas”. Travelers have mazy alleyways to explore, and accessible treks that hide superb fauna and flora. For those that just want to relax, the shrines await you. Hemis and Lamayuru are two of the best in Ladakh; located amidst the all-natural beauty of Himalaya, the monasteries are a great place to meditation and relaxation.


Kulu Valley

Also known as India’s ‘Switzerland’, Kullu Valley is yet another must-see region in the Himalayas. Located in Himachal Pradesh, this surreal wonderland has a wide array of adventures prepared for its avid mountaineers. Kullu Town in particular, welcomes travelers to enjoy kayaking, rafting, hiking, paragliding and climbing. The activities you can do here are endless, not to mention that the landscapes are majestic.

There’s more to Himalaya than meets the eye, and to understand its territories, culture, customs and traditions, you have to be there. Explore the wild testing your limits, relax at the shrines and know more about the Buddhist religions and the Tibetans; explore the rugged mountains and trek regions you probably won’t have the chance to see again. Bottom line is, Himalaya is spectacular from all perspectives and in all seasons.

Choose your time of the year and plan your trip in advance. Finding a luxury Himalaya resort might be a struggle as this region is all about camping sites and modest lodging spots. And yet, those that truly want to feel the thrill come here for the experience.