Srinagar contributes a vital part in the economy of Kashmir Valley. For a considerable length of time, it has pulled in individuals from distant destinations from abroad as well as from within the country to its beautiful regions. Along these lines, it is no big surprise that tourism shapes a significant component of the city’s economy.

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Srinagar is a contemporary era water world primarily dominated by Dal Lake and its winding waterways. Additionally, there are two other significant water bodies namely, the tree-lined Nagin Lake and the Jhelum River. Immerse yourself in indigenous culture and the unparalleled natural beauty by renting one of the boats that are called shikaras for a daytime or dusk journey. When on land, walk around the terraced slopes of the 400-year-old Mughal Gardens that were made by Emperor Jehangir for his beloved wife, and search for indigenous artworks such as hand-woven silks and weaved shawls. The minute you land here, the spot begins to beguile you with its characteristic excellence. And if in case, you have somehow kept yourself calm and not tempted by its beauty, it is sure that when you stand at the shore of the Dal Lake, it is hard not to appreciate the pleasant view surrounding you!

A downside came in the tourism due to the radical exercises by a few terrorists and unsocial components. However, the uplifting news is that the circumstance has changed and enhanced manifolds. Voyagers are again coming to Srinagar in increasing numbers. Delhi serves as a major gateway to Srinagar; no wonder New Delhi to Srinagar flight usually remain busy. Aside from exploring the tourist attractions in and around Srinagar, interacting with the locals will give you a knowledge into their lives as well as their culture. The general population of Srinagar take pride in their legacy and never fail to put their best foot forward with regards to taking care of their visitors.

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Srinagar is a magnificent representation of the multi confronted culture and authentic friendliness of the state Jammu and Kashmir. An vacation to this quiet picturesque destination never gets old. The city houses enough allures and bewitchments for every kind of tourist arriving here for a memorable vacation. The word Srinagar literally signifies the “City of Wealth”, and consistent with its name, the city is overflowing with the abundance of nature’s fortunes, authentic hospitality, a rich culture that is a melting pot of several other cultures, and a wonderful history. The city, for its unmatched magnificence wins a few appellations.

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The locals live a very simple life here and are very friendly. They take you around the town and show things with affection and care. In the event that you are fortunate, you might likewise get invited to have a feast with them in their own particular homes. The conventional and simple feel combined with the heavenly ethnic food will be permanently carved in your brain. You will likewise appreciate the dry products of the beautiful Kashmiri handiworks that are full of intricate designs. The conventional pots which the locals carry to keep themselves warm, the prominent Kashmiri music called Chakri, and so forth will hypnotize you without a doubt.

Lastly, the locals here is incredible supporters of performing art and music. The customary folk theater, to be specific Bhand Pather shows the social wrongs in a humorous manner. The Kashmiri music of Sufiana type is additionally a treat to ears. This music utilizes some of the traditional instruments, like Santoor, Kashmiri Saz, Tabla, Wasool, and Sitar. Hafiz Nagma, which is a popular dance form, performed alongside Sufiana music is additionally a treat to watch.