With summer heating up and weather starting to become prohibitively hot, why not get yourself and your loved ones to a peaceful vacation in a luxurious resort.  Indulge in a spa treatment and activities like sea kayaking. Comprehensive resorts are a great option for an all-in-one vacation solution. Below are some of the finest resorts located in the tranquil locations and offers the best of the luxuries.

The Palm Hotel & Spa- Reunion Island


The Palm Hotel & Spa- Reunion Island

Reunion Island is a tiny island in the Indian Ocean, situated near Madagascar and Mauritius and the Palm Hotel and Spa is the most premier resorts on this island. The resort gives you the experience of the picturesque countryside while relaxing under the luxury around the clear blue water. The resort is sited near the city of Saint –Pierre overlooking by the volcanic parks.  

Sipadan - Kapalai Dive Resort- Borneo


Sipadan – Kapalai Dive Resort- Borneo

There could be no better way of getting an escape from the scorching heat other than diving. Kapalai Dive Resort is the finest honeymoon destination located in the famous Ligitan Reef. The place looks like situated on water from where you are just a ride away from the best diving places. Feel the luxury surrounded by the calm atmosphere.

Bagus Place Retreat- Malaysia


Bagus Place Retreat- Malaysia

Nestled in the little Tioman Island, Bagus Place Retreat is simply stunning. The resort is surrounded by the turquoise water along with the white sand beaches. Bring along your family and friends and try out swimming and snorkeling knowing that the waves are gentle. If you want to have some more adventure, get an experience of trekking, golf or a night diving session.

The Place Koh Tao - Thailand


The Place Koh Tao – Thailand

The place in Koh Tao consists of five luxury villas with their own private pool where you can head to if you are a person looking for some privacy. The resort is the best place for honeymoon where you can take your loved ones. The villas are big and offer excellent views of Thailand. Do not forget to try out a private scuba diving session in the resort.

cocoa island


Cocoa Island- Maldives

This award winning hotel is among the best to plan your next exotic destination. For those who want to relax away from the problems of the world, head towards this resort and experience the tranquility and the feel of luxury. The place has just 33 suites overlooking the best dining sites in the world. Moreover the hospitality is beyond to get compared.

Santa Caterina- Italy

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Hotel Santa Caterina- Italy

The Almafi coast of Italy is the finest destination to experience the feel of a European beach and to enjoy the best if Italian hospitality, reside at the Hotel Santa Caterina. The place was initially built in the era of 1800s and currently offers some luxurious experiences with natural terraces overlooking the crystal clear ocean water. Do make a trip to this deluxe beauty with your family and friends and enjoy the unforgettable experience.  

Fairmont Mara Safari Club


Fairmont Mara Safari Club- Kenya

For those of you looking for a place where you can enjoy the gathering of your friends and family, simply head towards Fairmont Mara Safari Club. The place is the perfect spot to get to see the famous migration of the wildebeest from the Serengeti.  One can go on a safari to explore the wildlife or can simply relax on your private deck.

Namale Resort


Namale Resort- Fiji

One of the most luxurious resorts of the Fiji, Namale resort offers pacific royalty as from the minute you enter; you are greeted with a glass of champagne to relax. The resort is a perfect destination for having a rejuvenating massage in the middle of a serene environment. For those of you specially wanting to experience the spa vacation- this place is just the right option.

Lizard Island- Australia


Lizard Island- Australia

Along with 24 beaches covered in dust and the hidden lagoons, the place is considered as the perfect and one of the most romantic resorts in the world. The best time to experience the natural wonder of the world is during southern winter, whether you are just two or with the family, the place becomes exotic and gives you the memories to be cherished forever.

Grand Mercure Oakridge Resort Lake Wanaka- New Zealand


Grand Mercure Oakridge Resort Lake Wanaka- New Zealand

Get an escape from the scorching heat of the sun by heading towards the mountain of New Zealand with your family and friends. The resort offers luxurious apartments overlooking the Southern Alps. The place offers various activities to explore, including skiing, snowboarding, sky diving and many more.  Evenings are specially planned to enjoy the heated spa sessions in the resort.