Are you wondering where to go and spend your honeymoon? If you are one, then worry no more as I have the perfect solution for you. Here are some top fantasy islands that you can go and spend your honeymoon with your spouse if you are newlyweds.Dolphin Island, Fiji

• Dolphin Island, Fiji

Dolphin Island most exciting places to visit as this place is an island located in Fiji. This island is full of elegance as it is adorned with beautiful scenery of the beach thus provide a good getaway for your honeymoon or romantic tour. There’s quite a range of activities that you can engage in, such as swimming and watching the dolphins play and also there are numerous hangout spots. The island is also adorned with reef and sandy beaches giving it a spectacular scene.Travel4

• Little Thatch Island

Little Thatch is also a fantasy privately owned Island, which is a top honeymoon destination on a 54 acre piece of land. This island is really segregated to offer privacy to the newlyweds. There are also quite luxurious cottages found here such as the Sea grape cottage which is in seclusion for more privacy plus a beach front cottage. The beach cottage is a nice place to watch the sunset and sunrise.

  • Motu Tetaraire, Tahiti

Motu Island is another fantasy island which is a dream honeymoon destination for newlyweds. The fun you will have to enjoy here is a spectacular view of blue lagoon, plus a boat ride where you will have your own boat captain who will take you round the island. Fishing and swimming are the other activities that you can engage while on a honeymoon in Motu Tetaraire Island. A private chef is also available for you in this island who will cook delicious delicacies for you and your spouse.Seabird Key, Florida

• Seabird Key, Florida

Seabird key is the other fantasy island where you can enjoy your honeymoon. The place is quite cool and luxurious with a romantic cottage, sun drenched decks, tropical gardens and an outdoor shower known as the Adam and Eve shower. What a way to spend your honeymoon than taking a trip to this small island. This is one place if you take your spouse, you will never regret.

• Forsyth Island

Forsyth Island is a honeymoon destination located in Newzealand. it is one ideal place for a wedding and honey as the place always experiences plenty of sunshine. Forsyth Island provides a beautiful scenery view of the hills, slopes and beaches. The island also boasts of being one of the islands with best lodges which are quite affordable.Forsyth Island

• Belize

Belize is the other fantasy island offering an ideal place for your honeymoon. This place is an unspoiled paradise that provides exciting, fun filled activities and hangout places. Some of the activities that you can engage in Belize include; diving, fishing, snorkeling and sunbathing. The villas here are also quite luxurious making the favorite night hangout spots. Make an esta application and get to enjoy these fantasy islands and you will have an experience worth a lifetime