Our Mother Nature has bestowed us with numerous gifts, one of which is wildlife that is meant to create balance on the earth. But living the life as dictated by your routine can make you forget the thrill and excitement that are an integral aspect of natural wilderness. Why not use the boredom thus created as an excuse to reconnect with the Nature?

The wilderness has the power to change your perception towards your own life. Before you get a wildlife tour package, here is a list of what to expect from such a tour.

wildlife tours

Lion / Tiger sighting

The reason that the animals like tiger, lions, snow leopards, rhinos etc. have become a rarity has fuelled the interests of domestic as well as global tourists and wildlife enthusiasts. So picking up the national parks / wildlife sanctuaries that boasts of a healthy population of these animals will ensure you of the chance to get thrilled by the sight of few remaining creatures of the endangered species.

Out-of-textbook animals

You don’t go to a wildlife trip just to see the rare animals but the fauna that exists in a unique ecosystem. Every national park and wildlife sanctuary is different in this way and have amazing sets of species of various animals that you may not have read or heard about unless while preparing for the trip. So, yes count on increasing your wildlife awareness quotient.

bird sanctuary

Birding opportunities

A jungle is nothing without its creatures and birds form an important aspect of it in addition to everything else. Be ready to see kaleidoscopic colours in the feathers of birds that choose to appear in front of you anytime.

elephant rides

Elephant rides

Climbing on the back of a tamed elephant just for the fun of it is very exciting for kids and adults alike. What more, you enjoy the jungle in eco-friendly way eliminating pollution by jeep. However, you need to check with your tour operator for elephant safari to be sure about the ride.

Jungle / Wildlife resort

Accommodation is not really a problem during such trips but booking a wildlife resort can enhance your experience of the trip by limiting its inconveniences and adding elements like spa, Jacuzzi and fun activities.

ranthambhore park

Some archaeological sites

Unexpected as it may seem but some national parks in India have forts as well. Add Bandhavgarh National Park in MP or Ranthambhore National Park in Rajasthan if you want to spice up your tiger safari tour in India.

Indoor & outdoor activities

If you are fond of mild activities like rappelling, rope-walking, coracle riding, rafting, etc. you can look for a package / wildlife sanctuary that includes them in your tour. Many resorts organize such fun activities to keep the evenings happening for the tourists.

Come prepared for…


Having anticipated the sightings of tigress with her cubs you ought to feel cheated for not sighting even a single tiger on a tiger safari. Knowing about the possible disappointment also helps to enjoy other elements of the safari.

Heat and humidity

In addition to keeping fun-aspect in mind, do not forget to pack clothing suitable and toiletries for such a trip. Summer hats, light neutral-coloured dresses, sunglasses, sun-block, etc. would definitely be needed.


You are bound to be bothered by pests. Consult with your operator and take suitable pest-repellents as well as basic medicines in case a pest thinks of biting you.

Night-time jungle cacophony

Sound of jungles can range from appealing to bothering depending upon individuals. Having that in mind would prevent from disappointments.

With everything you ought to know before embarking on a wildlife trip, what are you waiting for? Get packing!