Japan’s advancement in technology is truly admired throughout the world. Its people have been the purveyors and pioneers of different gadgets, devices, and other technologies that undoubtedly revolutionized how human lived their lives. However, despite of its amazing advancement in technology, Japan still remains faithful to its traditions and age-old culture. They are one of the few countries that was able to successfully marry off their traditions with the growth of their industries and advancement in technology.

One of Japan’s takes pride in their high sense of spirituality and its relationship with nature. Check out this list of places where you can enjoy the serenity of nature.

Nachi Town

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If you find yourself tired with the hustle and bustle of the city life in Tokyo, then perhaps you should try to visit the picturesque little town of Nachi. It can be found in the southern portion of Wakayama Prefecture. It may seem like a nondescript town on the surface but there’s actually more to it.

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This town is the home of longest waterfall in Japan – the Nachi Falls. It’s 133-meter high and 13-meter will take anyone’s breath away. In order to reach this beauty, you must first go to Nachi Primeval Forest.

While you’re inside the forest, you might want to pay a visit to two temples – the Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine and Seigantoji Temple. It is great place to truly feel the presence of nature. It also provides a serene ambiance that easily puts you in a reflective aura.


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If you are into hiking, then this place is definitely worth a visit. Kimikochi is part a national park in Nagano Prefecture. Let your eyes feast on the beauty of the mountains. Its picturesque views will surely inspire your creativity. Take photos, paint the view, or even compose an ode for Mother Nature. The best time to visit is during autumn. The rich hues of the mountain and the trees are a sight to behold.

Ashikaga Flower Park

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Japan is famous for their cherry blossoms. But those are not the only flowers that you’ll in bloom in Japan! Ashikaga Flower Park boasts at least 350 wisterias. Aside from wisterias, there are also a lot of other flowers to see. During the spring time, all of its flowers are in a perfectly bloomed state so admission fee at the time are a bit higher. This is an excellent place where you can have fun and be interactive with your friends.

Mt. Fuji

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Another popular tourist attraction in Japan is Mt. Fuji. This UNESCO heritage site is the highest mountain in Japan. Its iconic ice cap has been a main fixture in Japanese cards and post stamps. While you’re on the road, you will get a chance to see the amazing landscapes and sceneries that will take your breath away. There different tours that you can join so you could visit the famous mountain. You may opt for a day trip or a two-day trip. Don’t miss the chance to experience this great natural wonder.