Every one travels with the company but if you have been fiddling with the idea of making your first solo trip, you have to take some precautions. It will be an exciting and wonderful journey for sure which will leave you with unforgettable memories and life-lessons but travelling solo comes with own disadvantages. Make sure you follow the below listed tips to make the most out of your trip and have a hassle free journey:solo travel

Make your booking via a reliable source

Instead of relying on people who promise tempting discounts and deals and have low background information, go for websites which have reliable information on their sites and help you book flights and hotels through trustable sources. Makemytrip is one such website which has a multitude of options for you coupled with packages which are a great option for you since you will be in a group while travelling alone. This way it will be safer. Do not forget to use makemytrip coupons present on CashKaro.com to score the best deals and bring down your travelling expenses. Do not ever fall in trap of those schemes which promise incredibly low priced deals which are nothing but a scam.

Keep your family informed every time

Keeping your family informed at each step and where you are going will go a long way in helping you if any misfortunate thing happens during your vacation. By no means am I implying here that you pick your phone and dial their number each time you go somewhere. You can simply drop a message to them by texting them through your phone. This will keep your family members updated about your whereabouts as well as relieved. You too will feel so!

Carry a power bank

There can’t be anything scarier than landing at a deserted place and holding a phone with dead battery in your hands. Just imagining it gives goose bumps. Even if your phone is equipped with a powerful battery and power saving modes, it is best that you carry a power bank with your everywhere to escape dreadful situations. A power bank is available in different versions and after a careful study; you can decide which one to go for. It can be your hero when you least expect it!

Do your research

You might have fallen in love with a place you saw on the web and have made plans for visiting that place. But are you sure that place is safe and especially for women, if you are one? Make sure that you do your homework for studying the place well before visiting it. Learn about its culture and traditions and make sure you don’t disrespect them. Visit reliable travel communities and read about people’s experiences about their stay there. Consult your friends and distant family ones. Book your tour guide and hotels also in advance via trustable sources like Yatra. Yatra coupons present on CashKaro.com will help you do so and that too at lower prices.

Carry money at different places

Getting robbed during a trip can leave a big negative effect on your mind. But the smart thing to do is always travel being prepared and having essentials at hand when the need arises. For this sheer reason, it is best that you carry your money at different places so that you can at least call someone for help or reach your hotel destination safely. There are numerous gadgets available in market today like belts which are designed in a way that can even store money. They look real ordinary in looks but perform extra –ordinarily!

Keep these precautions in mind and have a safe and electrifying journey! All the best!