The good thing is that during the long school and college life there are enough number of vacations.

Some use the opportunity to stay home, relax and spend the holiday lazing around, whereas some, particularly those who are enthusiastic enough, use the opportunity to travel distances and explore destinations. India is home to an infinitely long list of quaint and diverse tourist destinations, which in turn host an impressive array of bewitching attractions and allures, provides a student with enough opportunities to spend a wonderful and fun vacation. All the four corners of the country are abundantly filled with some amazing destinations and if one has the chance, visiting a couple of them is simply advisable. Goa is one destination that immediately strikes the mind, where one can spend a memorable vacation. It is highly popular amongst the young and for decades has lured them towards its beaches, nightlife, carnivals, festivals, etc. However, Goa is just one of the various aspects of holidaying in India and needless to say, there is more to the India tourism.

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One of the quaint destinations that are perfect for the students to spend an undisturbed vacation lies in the western region of India. The destination in consideration is Digha. Situated in the southern region of West Bengal, on the Bay of Bengal coast, Digha is a small resort destination that is just often flocked by the people of Kolkata. It is just 5 hour journey from the capital of West Bengal and 2 hours 30 minutes from Kharagpur (a yet another major city of West Bengal). In fact, Kharagpur itself is home to some unique and interesting allures and tourist often visit the place when they visit Digha. You can easily get a Kharagpur to Digha taxi and vice verse.

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That being said, although, Digha remains busy with visitors almost throughout the year, still the place is tranquil enough to provide one an undisturbed vacation. There is plenty of space for one to spend some time away from people and soaking the scenic beauty of the place. Digha is a small place and most of tourist attractions can be easily accessed. Apparently, Digha is divided into two parts, New Digha, which is the area full of hotels, restaurants, resorts, and evidently tourists, and Old Digha, which is more tranquil and retains the charm of old days. Motorcycle rickshaw vans, which are a must-try allure of the place, will ferry you between the two aspects of the city in just Rs 10 per person. Indeed, spending some time with the locals, learning their simplistic way of life in Old Digha, gives you a taste of the true essence of Digha. The young tourists can try the fun water-sports. The shallow coast here is ideal for swimming. Besides, there are a couple excellent beach-side restaurants and shacks to send some memorable time with friends.

There are several other attractions to relish here. Try to include Kharagpur in your Digha tour for a wholesome holiday experience. With a good frequency of Kharagpur to Digha cab and vice versa, you can easily get around between the two destinations and spend a wonderful vacation.